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T-1 Jayhawk

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T-1 Jayhawk
A T-1A Jayhawk
Type Trainer aircraft
Manufacturer Raytheon/Hawker Beechcraft
Introduced 1992
Primary user United States Air Force
Developed from Beech 400A

The T-1 Jayhawk is a twin-engined jet aircraft used by the United States Air Force for advanced pilot training. T-1A students go on to fly cargo and tanker aircraft.


The T-1A Jayhawk is a medium-range, twin-engine jet trainer used in the advanced phase of Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training for students selected to fly airlift or tanker aircraft. It is used also for training Air Force Navigators and Naval Flight Officers in their intermediate phase of training.


The swept-wing T-1A is a military version of the Raytheon Beech 400A. It has cockpit seating for an instructor and two students and is powered by twin turbofan engines capable of an operating speed of Mach .78. The T-1A differs from its commercial counterpart with structural enhancements that provide for a large number of landings per flight hour, increased bird strike resistance and an additional fuselage fuel tank. A total of 180 T-1 trainers were delivered between 1992-1997.


The first T-1A was delivered to Reese Air Force Base, Texas, in January 1992, and student training began in 1993.

Since the late 1950s, Air Force undergraduate pilot training students have trained in two aircraft: the T-37 Tweet, the primary trainer, and the T-38 Talon, the advanced trainer. With the introduction of specialized undergraduate pilot training in 1993, students continued to receive their primary flying training in the T-37, and later the T-6 Texan II, but the advanced phase was tailored for students' follow-on assignments.

For students going to bombers and fighters, advanced training is conducted in the T-38. Those selected for airlift or tanker aircraft receive advanced training in the T-1A. Students who are selected for airlift may also go on to train in the T-44 or TC-12B at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas.

The T-1A is used at Columbus AFB, Miss., Laughlin AFB, Texas, and Vance AFB, Okla. It is also used at Randolph AFB, Texas, to train instructor pilots.


The T-1 Jayhawk (T-1A) shares the same letter and number as the now retired T-1 Seastar (T-1A) under the 1962 United States Tri-Service aircraft designation system.

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