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T-42 Cochise

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T-42 Cochise
The T-42 Cochise
Role Pilot Trainer
Crew 1 or 2
Length 28.87 ft 8.8 m
Wingspan 37.73 ft 11.5 m
Height 9.19 ft 2.8 m
Wing area 199 ft² 18.5 m²
Empty 3,130 lb 1,420 kg
Loaded 5,092 lb 2,310 kg
Engines Two PE Teledyne Continental IO-520-C
Power 260 hp 194 kW
Maximum speed 242 mph 390 km/h
Combat range 1,143 mi 1,840 km
Service ceiling 20,900 ft (C) 6,370 m
Rate of climb 1,476 ft/min (C) 450 m/min

The Beechcraft T-42A Cochise is a military version of the Beechcraft Baron used by the United States Army as an instrument training aircraft.

By 1993, the Army's remaining T-42 aircraft were transferred to the Army Reserve and the National Guard and were no longer in standard use.

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