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List of unmanned aerial vehicles

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File:CID practice.jpg
A Boeing 720 being flown under remote control as part of NASA's Controlled Impact Demonstration

The following is a list of Unmanned aerial vehicles developed and operated by various countries around the world. Listed with primary mission(s) and year of first flight.

Belgian models

Bulgarian models

  • RUM-1, targer (1967)
  • RUM-2, targer (1967)
  • RUM-2M, targer (1969)
  • RUM-2MB, targer (1971)
  • M-200, targer (1971)
  • UtRUM, targer (1974)
  • P-200, targer (1975)
  • Yastreb-1, targer (1978)
  • Yastreb-2, targer (1981)
  • Yastreb-3,targer (1982)

Canadian models

Chilean models

  • Sirol, reconnaissance and researsh (2007) UAV Sirol

Chinese (PRC) models

Czech models

European models

French models

German models

File:LUNA UAV.jpg
Luna X 2000 UAV for reconnaissance and ESM missions of the German Army

Greek models

Hezbollah models

  • Mirsad-1, reconnaissance, possible weapon (2004)

Indian models

Indonesian models

Israeli models

File:Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.jpg
IAI Pioneer UAV flying over Iraq

Iranian models

Italian models

Japanese models

Jordanian models


Mexican models

Pakistani models

Polish models

  • ITWL HOB-bit
  • WB Electronics SOFAR [3]
  • WB Electronics RUFUS [4]

Serbian models

  • IBL-2000
  • Mini UAV Gavran (Raven)
  • Medium UAV

Singaporean models

South African models

Soviet models

Swiss models

Swedish models

Taiwanese models

  • Chung Shyang II [5]

Turkish models

Thai models

United Kingdom models

ML Aviation Sprite VTOL UAV Systems operated successfully in UK, Germany, USA and Sweden by day and by night, off land and off-board ships in all weathers. Nothing has been developed to equal its versatility.

United States military models

United States non-military models

Privately developed

Commercial interest in non-military UAVs has led to several startups that are designing and selling autonomous aircraft. These include:

  • Higheye automatic camera helicopters [6]
  • Trek Aerospace Dragonfly
  • Phantom Sentinel
  • Phyxius
  • Insitu Aerosonde
  • Airborne Autonomous Systems [7] Developmental
  • Miraterre Flight Systems [8]
  • Rotomotion [9]
  • Autopilot [10]
  • Neural Robotics [11]
  • Micropilot [12]
  • Procerus Technologies [13]
  • Mavionics [14]
  • Baykar Machine [15]
  • Arcturus-UAV T-15/T-16
  • First Serbian unmanned aerial vehicle called “Nikola Tesla-150” projected and built by team of students called “EMA” [16]
  • UAV Development Group at University of São Paulo - School of Engineering of São Carlos - Brazil
  • Imaging 1's micro UAV [17]
  • ATAIR LEAPP [18]
  • ATAIR Micro LEAPP[19]
  • ATAIR Insect
  • Viking Aerospace, LLC [20]
  • Continental Controls and Design, Inc. [21]
  • Gyrodyne DASH or Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter [22]
  • Verhagen X2 [23]
  • Vector P [24]

Open Source UAV Projects

  • Albatross UAV Project [25]
  • Autopilot project[26]
  • CUAV - The custom UAV flight controller project [27]
  • Paparazzi [28]
  • The R/C pilot project[29]
  • The Remote Control Auto Pilot 2 (rcap2) [30]
  • HOVTOL The Horizontal Or Vertical Takeoff Or Landing UAV project [31]



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