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Flight endurance record

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The flight endurance record is the amount of time spent in the air. It can be a solo event, or multiple people can take turns piloting the aircraft in shifts. The limit initially was the amount of fuel that could be stored for the flight, but midair refueling extended that parameter.


Non commercial

( What about the Voyager and the Virin Atlantic plane that also flew around the world a few years ago! The first lasted nine or ten days. I do not know about the Virgin flight?)


The Lockheed Constellation L-1649A still holds the record for the longest-duration non-stop passenger flight — during TWA's inaugural London to San Francisco flight on 1-2 October, 1957, the aircraft stayed aloft for a remarkable 23 hours and 19 minutes.


  • An uncrewed scientific balloon set an endurance record after circling the South Pole three times. On its flight, which ended 2 hours short of 42 days, NASA's Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass (CREAM) instrument captured high-energy cosmic rays that may have come from supernovae. The previous record was held by NASA's Trans-Iron Galactic Element Recorder balloon mission, which stayed afloat over Antarctica for almost 32 days in 2002. [1]


  • Charles Atger of France flew an Arsenal Air 100 glider for 56h 15m until 2 April 1952 at Romanin les Alpilles near Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in France. [1] After this, endurance records were discontinued as pointless and because of the danger of pilots falling asleep.



  • New York Times; May 29, 1931; Set Flight Record Without Refueling; Lees And Brossy, 84:33 Hours In Air, Recapture World Mark From France. Land On Florida Beach Take-Off In Diesel-Motor Plane Was Made Early Monday. Pair Slept Easily In Craft. Throngs Held Back For Landing. Set Flight Record Without Refueling Storm Threat Blows Over. Not Tired By 6,600-Mile Grind. Lees Once Drove Horse Car. Jacksonville, Florida, May 28, 1931 Walter Lees and Frederick Brossy, Detroit aviators, established a new world's record of 84 hours and 33 minutes for a non-refueling airplane flight when they landed at Jacksonville Beach at 7:20 o'clock, Eastern [Standard Time] ...