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Alenia Aeronautica

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Alenia Aeronautica, a Finmeccanica subsidiary, is a European aerospace company from Italy. Its subsidiaries include Alenia Aermacchi and Alenia Aeronavali. In an equal-share joint venture with EADS, Alenia Aeronautica owns ATR.


Alenia Aeronautica was created in 1990 by concentrating the Finmeccanica aerospace and defense industries Aeritalia and Selenia.

Alenia is endowed with the rich heritage of over 12,000 aircraft designed, built and maintained by its predecessor companies, which more famous names including Aeritalia, Fiat and Romeo. Airplane manufacture in the Turin area began in 1910 with SIT and continued with Pomilio and Ansaldo, which built the SVA reconnaissance biplane. The industry was consolidated by Fiat after the First World War. Under chief designers Celestino Rosatelli and Giuseppe Gabrielli, Fiat built some of the most iconic Italian designs including the CR.32 and CR.42 biplanes, the G.55 fighter and the G.91 family of light attack and trainer jets. The Naples plants trace their history to Nicola Romeo. Widely remembered for his role in Alfa sports car business, in 1917 Romeo founded an airplane manufacturer in Naples. The company was later absorbed by Breda. Its Ro.41 biplane was the standard Italian advanced trainer throughout World War II.

After the war it came under Finmeccanica as Aerfer and built the Sagittario II, the first Italian supersonic aircraft, designed by Sergio Stefanutti. In 1966 it entered the aerostructures business producing DC-9 fuselage panels. Aerfer and Fiat merged their aircraft businesses in 1969 to create Aeritalia. The concentration led to milestone programs such as the European attack aircraft Tornado, the ATR family and the AMX. Aeritalia was also a partner in the Boeing 767 since its inception and played a key role in the creation of the Italian space industry. Created in 1990, Alenia was immediately associated with Eurofighter and other advanced programs. The present Alenia Aeronautica was incorporated in 2002, when Finmeccanica spun off its divisions as independent companies.

Alenia's C-27J was selected by the US Defense Department as its Joint Cargo Aircraft,[1] and the C-27J team was awarded a contract worth US$2.04 billion for 78 C-27Js in June 2007.[2]

Company ownership

The company, fully owned by Finmeccanica, an Italian conglomerate. Finmeccanica is the second largest industrial group and the largest of the hi-tech industrial groups based in Italy. It works in the fields of defence, aerospace, security, automation, transport and energy. The company has offices in over 100 countries and a turnover in excess of 19 Billion Euros.



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