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Grumman Gulfstream I

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Gulfstream I
A USCG VC-4A Gulfstream I in flight, 1964
Type Business aircraft
Manufacturer Grumman
Maiden flight August 14, 1958
Number built 200
Variants Grumman Gulfstream II

Grumman Gulfstream I is a twin turboprop business aircraft first flew on August 14, 1958.


The United States military version for this plane is the C-4 Academe. The TC-4 is a version with added instruments and navigation. It was used by US Navy for bombadier/navigator training for the A-6 Intruder. A VC-4A variant was flown by the United States Coast Guard as an executive transport until the early 1980s. It was later used as a logistics and long-range command and control aircraft until 2001.[1]


Wingspan: 23.9 m
Length: 19.4 m
Height: 6.8 m
Wing area: 56.7 m²
Empty wt: 9,930 kg
Takeoff wt: 15,920 kg
Max speed: 648 km
Cruise speed: 575 km
Landing speed: 135 km
Ceiling: 10,670 m
Climbing rate: 9.7 m/s
Takeoff roll: 635 m
Landing roll: 460 m
Range: 3780 km
Crew: 2
Payload: 10 - 24 passengers
Engines: 2 x Rolls-Royce plc Dart Mk 529 turboprop @ 2078 hp each

Civilian Operators

In August 2006 a total of 44 Grumman Gulfstream I aircraft remain in airline service. The major operator is Phoenix Air in the United States with 13 aircraft. Some 19 other airlines also operate the type.[2]

Military Operators


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