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Martin 4-0-4

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Martin 4-0-4
An Eastern Airlines Martin 4-0-4 ca. 1955
Type short/medium range airliner
Manufacturer Glenn L. Martin Company
Maiden flight 1950
Introduced 1951
Primary users Eastern Air Lines
Trans World Airlines
Produced 1947-1953
Number built 103
Developed from Martin 2-0-2

The Martin 4-0-4 is a an American pressurized passenger airliner built by the Glenn L. Martin Company. As well as airline use initially in the United States it was used by the United States Coast Guard and United States Navy as the RM-1G (later as the VC-3A).

Design and development

When production of the earlier Martin 2-0-2 was stopped due to problems with wing structural failure the company decided to re-wing an improved version (which had already flown as the Martin 3-0-3). The new aircraft was the Martin 4-0-4, it had structural changes to the wings, pressurization and lengthened slightly to take 40-passengers. Like the earlier 2-0-2 the 4-0-4 was a cantilever monoplane with a standard tail unit (cantilver tailplane and single vertical stabilizer). It had a retractable tricycle landing gear and was powered by two Pratt & Whitney R-2800-CB16 radial piston engines.

Operational history

First deliveries in 1951 were made to Eastern Air Lines (who had ordered 60) and Trans World Airlines (who had ordered 40). The only other new aircraft of the production line were delivered to the United States Coast Guard who had ordered two as executive transports with the designation RM-1G later changed to RM-1 and then in 1962 to VC-3A. In 1969 they were transferred to the United States Navy and they had both been withdrawn from use by 1970. A total of 103 aircraft were built at the Glenn L. Martin factory in Baltimore.

Accidents and incidents

Of the 103 aircraft built there have been 23 hull-loss accidents including nine fatal accidents:





File:Rm1 1958 1 300 USCG.jpg
United States Coast Guard RM-1






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