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CASA Jungmann, built 1957
File:Heinkel He 111.jpg
CASA 2.111 a licenced version of He-111-H Bomber was engined in Spain with imported Rolls-Royce Merlin at the end of WWII, CASA built 236 of this aircraft between 1940 and 1956
CASA C-212 of the Swedish Coast Guard
CASA CN-235M-100 of the Spanish Air Force
File:Airbus A400M Rollout.JPG
The first A400M, surrounded by EADS employees, during the aircraft's roll-out in Seville on 26 June 2008

EADS-CASA is a Spanish aircraft manufacturer, previously Construcciones Aeronáuticas, S.A. (CASA). It has been the Spanish branch of EADS since 1999.



Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA was founded in 1923 in Seville, Spain by José Ortiz de Echagüe.

  • In 1924 the factory in Getafe was opened.
  • In 1927 a manufacturing plant specializing in electronics was built in Cádiz.
  • In 1930 the first airplane designed exclusively by CASA was built, the CASA I.
  • In 1940 CASA starts to build Heinkel He 111s under German license.
  • In 1943 the Spanish government bought 33% of CASA.
  • In 1945 a manufacturing plant specializing in modeling was opened in Madrid.
  • In 1957 CASA gets the contract to keep and repair the F-100 aircraft of the USAF.
  • In 1962 CASA starts to build Northrop F-5 fighter under American license.
  • In 1977 CASA gets the contract to design and build the C-101 a trainer and attack aircraft for Spanish Air Force.
  • In 1972 CASA became a member of the Airbus Consortium together with France, Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • In 2001 EADS-CASA begins Eurofighter Typhoon final assembly.
  • In 2008 EADS-CASA starts Airbus A400M final assembly at Seville.


Since 1999 CASA has become a part of EADS, the European aerospace corporation, with Aérospatiale-Matra of France, Dornier GmbH and DASA of Germany. Since then, the Spanish branch of EADS is called EADS-CASA. The current CEO and Chairman of EADS-CASA is Carlos Suárez. Currently EADS-CASA has around 7,500 workers.

On July 2001 EADS-CASA Military Aircraft has celebrated, together with the Spanish Customer, the beginning of the Eurofighter Typhoon Final Assembly Phase at Getafe facilities. Two of the oldest traditional hangars at Getafe, in which important programmes have been developed before Eurofighter Typhoon, have been widely transformed during the last 16 months. Both infrastructure and production tools have been re-equipped and nowadays the hangars are perfectly adapted to face the actual and demanding technical requirements, taking into account the environment and social health. The design and installation of 11 major assembly jig’s, in the wings assembly hangar, presents the latest advances in ergonomics, accessibility and quality assurance. Furthermore, the installation of the newest fuselage alignments and integration systems, worked by optical systems and interferometry that uses mobile surfaces integration systems unique in the world, all this in the Eurofighter Typhoon Final Assembly hangar, has to be also highlighted.

The start of the Eurofighter Typhoon Final Assembly Phase in Spain confirms the worthiness of the integrated efforts made by the European industry with the support of each respective national customer. At this stage the 4 Assembly lines are now in operation. The other 3 lines are based in the UK (Warton), Germany (Manching) and Italy (Turin).

More than 30 different Spanish manufacturers have contributed to reach this aim. EADS-CASA foresees to reach a rate of 5.5 right wings per month and up to 7 aircraft per year, as in the Contract. Both production lines present a superb capability up to 7 wings per month and 12 aircraft per year. EADS CASA is producing the right wing for all 620 Eurofighter aircraft on order and will deliver 87 aircraft for the Spanish Air Force. First delivery to the Spanish Air Force was realized together with the other partner air forces in the second half of 2002.

EADS was formed in July, 2000 following the merger of Aerospatiale Matra of France, DaimlerChrysler from Germany and Construcciones Aeronáuticas CASA from Spain. EADS is the third largest aerospace company in the world. It has approximately 100,000 employees.

Military Transport Aircraft Division (MTAD)

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The MTAD is part of EADS-CASA and is based in Madrid. One of the planes it produces is the Airbus A330-200 modified to provide air to air refuelling. They have provided one variant to the Australian air force and are providing another variant to the UK's Royal Air Force via the company AirTanker. MTAD's main focus is in the light to medium end of the military transport market covering 3 to 9 tonnes. It has over 700 aircraft flying of the types C-212, C-235 and C-295.

EADS CASA’s Military Transport Aircraft Division will be managing the industrial and technical activities of participating companies for the Airbus A400M project.

The A400M assembly at the Seville plant of EADS-CASA Spain started in Q1 2007. Airbus plans to manufacture thirty aircraft per year. The major assemblies arrive by Airbus Beluga transporters. The four EuroProp TP400-D6 flight test engines have been delivered in late February 2008 for the first A400M.[3] According to EADS the first "static tests" of a dedicated A400M complete structure were started on 14 March in Spain.

CASA aircraft

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