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North American YF-93

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Type Fighter
Manufacturer North American Aviation
Retired 1956
Primary user NACA
Number built 2
Unit cost US$11.5 million for the program[1]
Variants F-86 Sabre
Top-down view of a YF-93
The YF-93 in flight

The North American YF-93 was an American fighter aircraft which was a development of the F-86 Sabre that became so different that it received its own designation after a short time under the designation F-86C. The YF-93A was intended to compete with the XF-88 Voodoo and Lockheed XF-90 to fulfull the U. S. Air Force's requirement for a "penetration fighter" to escort bombers. Two were built and flown, serialled 47-317/318 with North American model NA-157, but an order for 118 F-93A-NAs was later cancelled. The first prototype flew with the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) until 1956. Both were surplused and scrapped. They were one of the few high-performance aircraft fitted with a NACA duct air inlet.

Specifications (YF-93A)

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