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C-26 Metroliner

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C-26 Metroliner
A C-26B aircraft takes off from Jacksonville ANG Base in 2005.
Type Military transport aircraft
Manufacturer Fairchild Aircraft
Primary users United States Air Force
United States Army
United States Navy
Developed from Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner

The Fairchild C-26 Metroliner is the designation for the Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner series twin turboprop airplane built by Fairchild Aircraft in the service of the United States military. C-26A is the military version of the Metro III (Model SA227-AC), C-26B is the military version of the Metro 23 (Model SA227-DC), and UC-26C is the military version of the Merlin IV-C.

Design and development

The United States Air Force had previously bought eleven C-26A aircraft based on the SA227-AC,[1][2] two of these being supplied to the Venezuelan Air Force.[3][4] The first three C-26Bs were procured later in the 1980s, two for the US Army and one for the USAF. These three had been built as SA227-BC models. Later C-26Bs were the military equivalent of the Metro 23 and the USAF took delivery of 37 examples. Some of these were transferred to the Peruvian Air Force and the US Army, while six were transferred to the US Navy as C-26Ds.[2][5][6] The US Army also took a second-hand Merlin IVC and operated it as the solitary UC-26C.[7]

A Metro III, c/n AC-614, was modified as the Fairchild Aircraft/Lockheed Multi Mission Surveillance Aircraft, featuring a Lockheed phased array radar in a long pod under the fuselage.[8] The MMSA was restored to its original configuration and now flies in Australia as a freighter with Pel-Air. However several aspects of the modifications were incorporated on some USAF C-26s as the RC-26B for use in the War on Drugs.[9] Another aircraft was modified for the Colombian Air Force for the same purpose.


A C-26B sits at Jacksonville ANG Base, in February 2005.
A Texas ANG RC-26B provided photographs of the flood damage in New Orleans, Louisiana, in September 2005

C-26 is the designation of the United States military for the Metroliner series. It was not officially named Metroliner by the US Armed Forces.[10][11]

military version of the Metro III (Model SA227-AC).
military version of the Metro III (Model SA227-BC) and Metro 23 (Model SA227-DC).
C-26B modified with electronic surveillance equipment for drug interdiction missions (USAF operates 11).[12]
this was a used 1983-built Merlin IVC operated for several years as 89-1471.[7] Modifed with a integrated sensor package including forward looking infrared and high resoultion radar.
C-26Bs transferred from USAF inventory and modified with new navigation equipment for the US Navy, four used for rapid reponse cargo and passenger transportation in Europe.
One range support aircraft operated by the US Navy's Pacific Missile Range Facility Barking Sands.
Two range support aircraft operated by the US Navy's Pacific Missile Range Facility Barking Sands.



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