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Timeline of aviation

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<timeline> ImageSize = width:500 height:1100 PlotArea = left:50 right:0 bottom:10 top:10 DateFormat = yyyy Period = from:1875 till:2010 TimeAxis = orientation:vertical ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:10 start:1880 ScaleMinor = unit:year increment:5 start:1880


 Color:yellow mark:(line,blue) align:left fontsize:M 
 shift:(15,-3) # shift text to right side of bar
 # there is no automatic collision detection, fontsize:XS 
 # so shift texts up or down manually to avoid overlap shift:(25,-10) 
 at:1884 text: 1st fully controllable free flight
 at:1890 text: Ader Éole
 at:1900 text: 1st Zeppelin
 from:1901 till:1906 shift:100 text: 1st airplanes
 at:1903 text: Wright Flyer
 from:1914 till:1917 shift:250 text: World War I
 at:1919 text: 1st nonstop Atlantic crossing
 at:1919 shift:200 text: First airline is founded
 at:1927 text: 1st solo nonstop Atlantic crossing
 at:1937 text: Hindenburg disaster
 from:1939 till:1945 shift:250 text: World War II
 from:1940 till:1941 shift:240 text: The Blitz
 from:1940 till:1941 shift:130 text: Battle of Britain
 at:1940 text: Battle of Taranto
 at:1944 text: V-2 rocket
 at:1947 text: Sound barrier broken
 at:1952 text: 1st commercial jet airliner
 at:1957 shift:15,-6 text: Sputnik (1st artificial satellite)
 from:1957 till:1975 shift:150 text: Space Race
 at:1958 shift:15,0 text: Boeing 707
 at:1961 text: 1st manned space mission
 at:1969 text: Apollo 11 (moon landing)
 at:1976 text: Concorde
 at:1979 text: 1st human-powered crossing of English Channel
 at:1986 text: 1st nonstop global circumnavigation
 at:2005 text: Largest commercial airliner
 at:1988 text: World's heaviest aircraft


This is a timeline of aviation history.

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