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Nieuport 28

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Nieuport 28
Reproduction of the Nieuport 28 at the US Air Force Museum
Role Fighter
Crew Pilot
First Flight
Entered Service March 1916
Manufacturer Nieuport
Length 24.4 ft 7.8 m
Wingspan 26 ft 3 in 8.1 m
Height 8 ft 0 in 2.5 m
Wing area 169 ft² 15.8 m²
Empty 1227 lb 475 kg
Loaded 1635 lb 560 kg
Maximum takeoff lb kg
Engines Gnome 9-N rotary.
Power 160 hp 102kW
Maximum speed 122 mph 184 km/h
Combat range 180 miles 349 km
Service ceiling 17390 ft 5300 m
Rate of climb 11.5 min to 3,000 m (9,840 ft)
Wing loading 7.77 lb/ft² 37.9 kg/m²
Power/Mass 0.09 hp/lb 0.15 kW/kg
Guns 2 Vickers .303-cal. machine guns

The Nieuport 28 (N.28C-1) was a French biplane fighter aircraft flown during World War I, built by Nieuport and designed by Gustave Delage. It was the first fighter airplane flown in combat by pilots of the United States Army Air Service that was part of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) in WWI. Its second armed patrol with an AEF unit on April 14, 1918, resulted in two victories when Lts. Alan Winslow and Douglas Campbell (WWI Ace) (the first American-trained ace) of the 94th Aero Squadron each downed an enemy aircraft.

Although the Nieuport 28 was considered obsolete at the time, American pilots maintained a favorable ratio of victories to losses with it. The Nieuport 28 was more maneuverable than the sturdier SPAD S.XIII that replaced it, but it had a reputation for fragility and a tendency to shed its upper wing fabric in a dive. Even so, many WWI American pilots, such as Quentin Roosevelt, the son of US president Theodore Roosevelt, as well as American aces like the 26-victory ace, Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, flew the French-built Nieuport 28 at one time or another in their careers.


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