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Curtiss YA-14

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Type Ground attack
Manufacturer Curtiss
Status Prototype
Primary user U.S. Army Air Corps
Number built 1
Variants A-18 Shrike

The Curtiss XA-14 was the first multi-engine attack aircraft tested by the U.S. Army Air Corps. Carrying a crew of two, it was as fast as the standard pursuit aircraft in service at the time.

Originally built as a private venture as the Curtiss Model 76, tests were sufficiently impressive that the aircraft was purchased by the Army.

When refitted with a 37 mm cannon in place of the forwards-firing machine guns, the aircraft was redesignated YA-14.

A re-engined A-14 was ordered into limited production as the Y1A-18.

Specifications (XA-14)

Data from USAF Museum

General characteristics



  • 4 x .30-calibre machine guns forwards-firing
  • 1 x .30-calibre machine gun aft-firing
  • 650 lb bombs in internal bay

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