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Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company

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Founded January 1916
Headquarters Buffalo, New York
Key peopleGlenn H. Curtiss
founder & president
RevenueUS$1,566 million
Employees21,000 (1916)
Dissolved1929 (became Curtiss-Wright Corporation)

Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company was an American aircraft manufacturer that went public in 1916 with Glenn Hammond Curtiss as president.

Glenn Curtiss had helped found the Aerial Experimental Association in 1907 and he created the Herring-Curtiss Company with Augustus Herring in 1909; this was replaced by the Curtiss Aeroplane Company in 1910.[1]

The Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company was created January 1916 from the Curtiss Aeroplane Company of Hammondsport, New York and Curtiss Motor Company of Bath, New York. Burgess Company of Marblehead, Massachusetts, became a subsidiary in February 1916[2].

It became the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world during World War I, employing 18,000 in Buffalo and 3,000 in Hammondsport, New York. Curtiss produced 10,000 aircraft during that war, and more than 100 in a single week. It is particularly famous for the Curtiss JN4 two-seat biplane, one of the most popular planes of all time.

Other notable Curtiss aircraft include flying boats it made for the United States Navy, including the NC-4, the first airplane to fly across the Atlantic Ocean—in 1919.

On July 5, 1929, Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company became part of Curtiss-Wright Corporation, together with eleven other Wright and Curtiss affiliated companies.

During World War II, Curtiss manufactured over 3,000 Curtiss C-46 Commando transport aircraft for the US army and also the P-40 fighter, made famous by its use by Claire Chennault's Flying Tigers in China. Later in war, Curtiss also manufactured over 7,000 SB2C Helldivers.



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