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Beriev Be-200

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Be 200
Beriev Be-200 dropping fire retardant
Type Multirole amphibian
Manufacturer Beriev/Irkut
Maiden flight 24 September 1998
Introduced 2003
Status Operational
Primary user Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations
Number built 9
Developed from Beriev Be-42

The Be-200 is a multipurpose amphibious aircraft being developed by the Beriev Aircraft Company as part of a cooperative project with Irkut.

Hardware and Variants

The Design Bureau "Progress" and joint stock company "Motor Sich" in Zaporozhiye designed and manufactured a specific "maritime" corrosion-resistant version of the D-436 engine specially for the Be-200 amphibian.

Airplane flight control and navigation is provided by the SP "ARIA" (Research Institute AO/Russia - Allied Signal/USA) avionics suite.

The basic Be-200 version is used for aerial firefighting. Beriev also offers models with a pressurised fuselage, including transport (Be-210), passenger, patrol and other special versions. There is an anti-submarine warfare version equipped with the "Morskoy Zmey" (Sea Dragon) search and targeting system.


The Be-200 first flew on September 24, 1998 from the airfield of the Irkutsk Aviation and Production Association. The amphibian took off from the water on September 10, 1999 in Taganrog.

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (MChS) was the first customer for the Be-200 and placed an order for seven Be-200ChS versions of the place to perform fire extinguishing operations, search and rescue, air ambulance, and cargo operations.

The second Be-200 took off from the runway of the Irkutsk Aviation and Production Company airfield on August 27, 2002. It was built in the Be-200ChS version with an equipment set meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The Be-200ChS is manufactured in Irkutsk and the first production airplane flew on June 17, 2003. The Ministry of Emergency Situations hope to have the rest delivered by the end of 2005.

The amphibian was successfully demonstrated at international air shows in Le Bourget (France), MAKS 99 (Russia, Zhukovsky), (Russia, Gelendzhik) and MAKC 2001.

In 2001, as part of a marketing program, the Be-200 was displayed at two large exhibitions in the Pacific Ocean region, i.e. the International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition LIMA'01 in Malaysia and the Korean Aerospace and Defence Exhibition KADE'01 in South Korea. The total flight route distance was 22,391 km, with landings in 14 cities of 8 countries.

In 2002, the Be-200 participated in international aviation exhibitions [ILA-2002 and], successfully demonstrating its capabilities to potential customers in France and Greece with fifteen demonstration flights made from land, eight from water, and flying over 7,600 km across Europe. Much interest was expressed in meetings with airline representatives for both the firefighting and passenger Be-200 versions.

The Be-200 project has been studied by EADS experts in terms of marketing, economic advantage, with the possibility of acquiring foreign certification with Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR-715 engines.

Technical data

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  • Payload:
    • Seats Economy: 64
    • Seats Business 32
    • Seats Executive: 18
    • Seats Cargo/Transport: 19
    • Cargo as Cargo/Transport 3000 kg (6,600 lb)
    • Cargo as Transport: 6000 kg (13,200 lb)

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