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Sikorsky S-52

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Sikorsky S-59
Sikorsky S-59
Type Helicopter
Manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Maiden flight 12 February 1947
Introduced April 1951
Primary users United States Navy
United States Marine Corps
Produced 93 (including four Army trials aircraft)
Number built one[1]
Variants XH-39

The Sikorsky H05S-1 (company model S-52) was a utility helicopter developed by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation in 1950, used by the U.S. Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard (as the HO5S-1G).[2]

The prototype S-52, first flown in 1947, was a two-seater and used a 178 hp (133 kW) Franklin air-cooled flat-6 piston engine (like that used in the Tucker Torpedo).[3]

It was modified as the S-52-2 was a four-seat helicopter using a 245hp (183 kW) Franklin O-245-1 air-cooled flat-6. It had a semi-monocoque fuselage of pod-and-boom arrangement (with large bubble-like front greenhouse,[4] two-blade rotor, and quadricycle fixed landing gear.

The first American helicopter to have all-metal rotor blades,[5] the prototype[6] set several speed and height records in 1948, including 129.6 mph (204.2 km/h) on a 3 km (2 mi) course, 122.75 mph (197.54 km/h) on a 1 km (1100 yd) circuit, and absolute height 21,220 ft (6468 m).[7] It was capable of hover out of ground effect at 5,900 ft (1,798 m) or 9,200 ft (2,804 m) in ground effect.[8]

The Navy operated the aircraft as a utility type, and it was used by the Marines for observation and scouting in Korea,[9] where the HO3S proved more popular. Four S-52s were evaluated by the United States Army for utility use, as the H-18, but not purchased.

The S-52 also served as the basis of the turbine-powered S-59, which as the XH-39 competed for and lost the contract that produced the Bell UH-1. This aircraft differed in having a four-bladed rotor (against the S-52's three)[10] and retractable tricycle gear.[11]




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