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Warner Scarab

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The Warner Scarab was an American seven cylinder radial aircraft engine, manufactured by the Warner Aircraft Corporation of Detroit, Michigan in 1928 through the early 1930s. In military service the engine was designated R-420.


  • Super Scarab SS-50/R-500
  • Super Scarab SS-50A/R-550


A scaled-down five cylinder version of the engine was produced as the Warner Scarab Junior.


Amongst the many uses for the Scarab, the engine was fitted to the Cessna Airmaster and the famous Fairchild 24 (UC61 or Argus).

Thousands of these reliable engines soldier on today, many still powering the aircraft to which they were originally mounted.

They are also in demand as realistically sized (albeit far more powerful) engines to be fitted to replica or restored WW1 biplanes

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Specifications (Warner Scarab 50)

Warner Scarab engine advertisement for 1928 in Aero Digest


Specifications (Warner Super Scarab 50)


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