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Pratt & Whitney R-2000

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The Pratt & Whitney R-2000 was a radial engine developed in the United States in 1942 to power military aircraft. It was an enlarged version of the Pratt & Whitney R-1830, with focus on reducing the manufacturing costs and fuel requirements. The bore was increased to 5.75 inch, while it still retained the 5.5 inch stroke. This brought displacement up to 2,000 in3. There were a number of detail changes from the R1830, such as front mounted instead of the rear mounted magnetos, plain bearings for the crankshaft rather than roller bearings, and 87-octane fuel. 87 octane was specified because there were fears wartime supplies of 100 octane might fall short, but those fears were groundless. The R-2000 produced 1,300hp @ 2,700 rpm with 87 octane, 1,350hp with 100 octane and 1,450hp @ 2,800 rpm with 100/130-grade fuel.



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