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Lohner L

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The Lohner L was a reconnaissanceflying boat produced in Austria-Hungary during World War I. It was a two-bay sesquiplane of typical configuration for the flying boats of the day, with its engine mounted pusher-wise on struts in the interplane gap. The pilot and observer sat side-by-side in an open cockpit, and both upper and lower sets of wings featured sweepback. The design was essentially more powerful version of the Lohner E, and proved to be highly influential. Apart from licenced production by UFAG, the L provided the basis for designs from other major manufacturers. In Germany, Hansa-Brandenburg manufactured a modified version of it as their first flying boat, the FB, and in Italy, a captured example was used as a pattern aircraft by Macchi, who produced it as the L.1. In turn, the L.1 would provide the foundation for a large number of Macchi designs over the coming years. The captured aircraft (serial L.40) was taken intact near the naval air station of Porto Corsini. The captured flying-boat was copied by Macchi-Nieuport and the L.1 was built within a month. The L.1s were delivered to Italian maritime reconnaissance and bombing units based on the Adriatic. An improved version was developed as the Macchi L.2 A restored example of an Austro-Hungarian Lohner L (serial L.127) is preserved at the Italian Air Force Museum at Vigna di Valle.


  • Lohner L
    • Lohner R - Photo-reconnaissance version
    • Lohner S - Trainer version
  • Hansa-Brandenburg FB
  • Macchi L.1 - with Fiat machine gun and Isotta-Fraschini V.4A engine (14 built)


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Specifications (Lohner L)



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