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Lake Renegade

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The Lake LA-250 Renegade is a six-seat amphibious utility aircraft produced in the United States since 1982.[1] It is a lengthened and more powerful version of the Lake Buccaneer , with which it shares its type certificate, and which it replaced in production.[2] In turn, it gave rise to a number of variants, including the militarised LA-250 Seawolf, the turbocharged LA-270 Turbo Renegade and the LA-270 Seafury optimised for marine environments.[1][2] Like the Renegade, it is a conventional mid-wing design with retractable tricycle undercarriage and a single engine mounted pusher-fashion in a pod on a pylon above the fuselage[3]

The Seawolf version was designed for light maritime patrol duties and features a hardpoint under each wing to carry external stores, including bombs, rocket pods, gun pods, or rescue equipment.[3] Provision for a radar was made on the forward end of the engine pod.[3][4] The Seafury includes improved anti-corrosion measures and a hardened interior to improve its servicability in saltwater environments, as well as a storage compartment carrying survival gear.[5]


  • LA-250 Renegade - Buccaneer with 38-inch (97-cm) fuselage stretch, six seats, and Lycoming IO-540-C4B5 engine
    • LA-250 Seawolf - militarised Renegade with hardpoints and provision for radar
  • LA-270 Turbo Renegade - Renegade with Lycoming TIO-540-AA1AD engine uprated to 270 hp (200 kW)
    • LA-270 Seafury - Renegade for saltwater conditions

Specifications (LA-250)



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