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Kamov Ka-226

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The Kamov Ka-226 (NATO reporting name Hoodlum) is a Russian utility helicopter aircraft that first flew in 2000. Ka-226 is a twin-engined version of Ka-126, Ka-26.

First flown on September 4, 1997 near Chernaya railway station, Moscow. Mass production is now also planned at Kumertau Aviation Industrial Alliance (APO), Bashkiria.

Ka-226A in 1997 (Mockup?)

One experimental and 5 pre-serial helicopters will be built at Industrial Alliance "Strela", Orenburg, in 2000 for Ministry of Emergency of Russian Federation. Plus, 8 helicopters will be built in 2001 (3 for Moscow Rescue Service, 5 for Gasprom corporation). 3 "Moscow" helicopters are planned to be built at Kumertau APO.


Entered production at "Motor Sich", Zaporozhye, Ukraine. 250,450 hp Rolls-Royce 250-C20R engines ordered for Ka-226 production. Model Ka-226T will have Turbomeca Arrius 2G2 engines for improved high altitude and high temperature operation.

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