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IS 29D2.jpeg
Type designation IS 29D2
Competition class Standard
Number built 200 +
Crew 1
Length 7.3 m
Height 1.68 m
Wingspan 15 m
Wing area 10.4 m²
Wing profile Airfoil Wortmann Fx-61 –163, root; -60-126, tip
Empty mass ca. 240 kg
Maximum mass 360 kg
Wing loading 34.62 kg/m²
Maximum speed 225 km/h
Rough air speed 172 km/h
Stall speed 75 km/h
Minimum sink rate ca. 0.58 m/s (78 km/h)
Best glide ratio 37 at 93 km/h

The 15-meter single place sister of the IS-28 series, the IS-29D2 single-seater has retractable gear, camber-changing flaps and Hütter type airbrakes on the upper wing surface only. The T-tail has a fixed stabilizer and elevator. The –29D model is of all metal construction while the earlier –29B has wooden wings. Developments include 19 m. (-29E2) and 20 m. (29E3) versions and a flapless, fixed gear 16.5-meter ‘club’ model (-29G). All EXP except IS-29D2, ATC