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Fokker M.5

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File:Fokker M5 prototype.jpg
Airframe of the prototype Fokker M.5

The Fokker M.5 was an unarmed single-seat monoplane aircraft designed and built by Anthony Fokker in 1913. It served as a light reconnaissance aircraft with the German army at the outbreak of the First World War and was the basis for the first successful fighter aircraft in German service, the Fokker E.I.


Fokker's design for the M.5 was very closly based on that of the French Morane-Saulnier Type H shoulder-wing monoplane, though instead of the wooden wire-braced box girder structure of the Type H, Fokker used a welded steel tube frame.


The powerplant was an 80 hp (60 kW) Gnôme 7-cylinder rotary engine (built under licence by Oberursel as the U.0). As in the Morane original, the tail and elevators were fully movable, having no fixed section. There were two versions of the M.5: the long-span M.5L and the short-span M.5K ("K" for kurz meaning "short" in German). The M.5 was light, strong, and manoeuvrable, capable of aerobatics (although like all aircraft relying on the early style of Morane balanced elevators it had very sensitive fore-amd-aft control) — Fokker himself performed in the M.5 at Johannisthal in May and June 1914, winning a number of awards.

German army adoption

The German army adopted the militarised long-span M.5L, manufactured by Halberstadt, designated the A.II. A two-seat version, known as the M.8 also entered service as the A.I which was built by Fokker. These aircraft were used on the Western and Eastern Fronts in the early stages of the war. In early 1915, ten M.5Ks were ordered, designated the A.III, but before delivery five were modified, being equipped with a single machine gun, becoming the five Fokker M.5K/MG production prototypes of the Fokker E.I.


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