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E-1 Tracer

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E-1 Tracer
E-1B Tracer
Type Carrier AEW
Manufacturer Grumman
Maiden flight 17 December Template:Avyear
Introduced Template:Avyear
Retired Template:Avyear
Status Retired
Primary user United States Navy
Number built 88
Developed from C-1 Trader

The E-1 Tracer was the first purpose built airborne early warning aircraft used by the United States Navy. It was a derivative of the C-1 Trader and first entered service in 1958. It was replaced by the more modern E-2 Hawkeye in the early 1970s.

Design and development

The E-1 was designated WF under the old US Navy system; the designation earned it the nickname "Willy Fudd". Since the S-2 Tracker was known as S2F under the old system, that airplane was nicknamed "Stoof"; the WF/E-1 with its distinctive radome gained the nickname "Stoof with a Roof."


The Tracer was fitted with the Hazeltine AN/APS-82 in its radome. The radar featured an Airborne Moving Target Indicator (AMTI), which analyzes the Doppler shift in reflected radar energy to distinguish a flying aircraft against the clutter produced by wave action at the ocean's surface. Separating a moving object from stationary background is accomplished by suitable hardware.


File:E-1B VAW-11 CVA-19 1962.jpg
WF-2 of VAW-11 on the catapult of the USS Hancock in 1962
Design study for an Airborne Early Warning version of the S2F-1 Tracker, not built.
Airborne Early Warning version of the TF-1 Trader, redesignated E-1B in 1962, 88 built.
WF-2 redesignated in 1962.




File:E-1B CVA-42 Feb1970.jpg
E-1B of VAW-121 Det. 42 on the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1970
File:E-1B VAW-111 CVA-31Launch.jpg
VAW-111 Tracer on the USS Bon Homme Richard

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