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DG Flugzeugbau DG-800

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DG Flugzeugbau DG-808
DG-808B 18m in self-launch.
Type designation DG-800A/B/S, DG-808B/C/S
Competition class 15 metre and 18 metre
Number built 380
Crew 1
Length 7.025 m (800A/B)
7.055 m (808B/C)
6.86 m (800S/808S)
Height ca. 1.35 m
Cockpit width 0.62 m
Cockpit height 0.81 m
Wingspan 15 / 18 m
Wing area 10.68 / 11.81 m²
Aspect ratio 21.07 / 27.42
Wing profile DU89-138
Empty mass
18 m span
ca. 327 kg (800A/B)
ca. 344 kg (808B/C)
ca. 276 kg (800S/808S)
Water ballast 100 kg (800A/B/808B)
156 kg (808B/C Competition)
180 kg (800S)
237 kg (808S)
Maximum mass
18 m span
525 kg (800A/B/S)
600 kg (808C/S Competition)
Wing loading
18 m span
44.5 kg/m² (800A/B/S)
50.8 kg/m² (808B/C/S)
Maximum speed 270 km/h
Maneuver speed 190 km/h
Minimum sink ca. 0.51 m/s
Glide ratio 50 (800A/B/S/808B/C)
51,5 with winglets
Roll rate ca. 3.5 s
(−45º to +45º)
Engine type Solo 2-cylinder
Engine power ca. 53 hp (40 kW)
Fuel tank 21 litres
Take-off run ca. 125 m ( 420 kg, ISA)
Distance to clear
15 m obstacle
ca. m ( kg, ISA)
Climb rate 5.2 m/s (sea level)
2.5 m/s (at 3000 m)
Best climb speed 90 km/h
Range in 'saw-tooth'
520 km

The DG-800 series comprises a family of 15 metre and 18 metre single-seat glider and motorgliders produced by Glaser-Dirks since 1993 and by DG Flugzeugbau GmbH after 1997. It is the successor to the DG-400 and the DG-600 models.

The DG-800 was planned primarily as a powered self-launching sailplane. In the meantime it has spawned many variants, differentiated by the type of powerplant (Rotax, Midwest or Solo), the span extensions (15 metre, 18 metre, both in variants with or without winglets), maximum allowed take-off mass, etc.

The newest model is the DG-808C, a self launching sailplane with Solo engine and the new designed "DEI-NT" Engine Control System.

There are also unpowered variants, the DG-800S and DG-808S, aimed at competition flying. These pure glider variants have a shorter and lighter fuselage built in the moulds of the DG-600 and allow a broader range of wing loadings.


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