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Breguet Deux-Ponts

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Deux-Ponts / Provence / Sahara
Type Airliner and freighter
Manufacturer Breguet
Maiden flight 1949
Introduced 1953
Primary users Air France
French Air Force
Number built 19

The Breguet 761/763/765 were a family of 1940s and 1950s French double-deck transport aircraft produced by Breguet. The aircraft were commonly (but informally) called the Deux-Ponts (Double-Decker).

Design and development

Breguet began design work on the 761 two-deck airliner even before the end of the Second World War, in 1944. The prototype first flew on 15 February 1949.

The 761 featured a cantilever wing set at mid-height on the bulky fuselage. The retractable tricycle landing gear featured dual-wheel main units. The empennage, high on the rear fuselage, had twin fins and rudders. The prototype was powered by four 1,850 hp (1380 kW) SNECMA-built Gnome-Rhône 14R radial engines.

The prototype was followed by three Br.761S pre-production aircraft powered by 2,020 hp (1506 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-2800-B31 radial engines. They also included a third central fin.

Air France had shown interest in the Br.761 and in 1951 ordered 12 aircraft with the designation Br.763 Provence. The 763 had more powerful engines, increased wingspan, strengthened wings and three-man flight deck. The 763 first flew on 20 July 1951 and entered service with Air France in August 1952. Air France aircraft accommodated 59 passengers on the top deck and 48 on the lower, although the aircraft was capable of carrying 135 passengers in a high-density layout. During 1964, Air France transferred six Br.763s to the French Air Force. The air force also acquired the three pre-production Br.761S aircraft and four new Br.765 Sahara freighters with removable cargo doors.

Plans to build versions powered with British engines (for possible United Kingdom buyers) did not come to fruition. These would have been the 766 (with the Bristol Hercules radial) and the 767 (with British turboprops).

Operational history

In 1955, the French Air Force acquired the three pre-production Br.761S aircraft, these and the Sahara aircraft acquired from Air France provided the French Air Force with a valuable transport fleet for moving personnel and materials to the Pacific nuclear testing areas. The Sahara fleet was retired in 1972.

Air France converted the six remaining Br.763s into freighters with the name Universal which remained in service until 1972.


Breguet 761
Prototype with four 1,590 hp Gnome-Rhóne 14R radial engines, one built.
Breguet 761S
Pre-production aircraft with four 2,100 hp Pratt & Whitney R-2800-B31 engines, three built.
Breguet 763 Provence
Production aircraft for Air France, 12 built.
Breguet 764
Proposed anti-submarine naval version, prototype 761 was to be converted but project was abandoned.
Breguet 765 Sahara
Freighter version for the French Air Force, 4 built.



Specifications (Br.763)

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