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Boeing Model 95

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Model 95
Type Cargo plane
Manufacturer Boeing
Maiden flight 29 December 1928
Primary users Boeing Air Transport
Honduran Air Force
Number built 25

The Boeing Model 95 was a cargo plane built by Boeing in the United States in the late 1920s to supplement the Boeing Model 40s being used on their airmail routes. While the Model 95 was of the same general configuration as the Model 40, it was considerably larger, and was optimised for carrying freight instead of passengers alongside the mail. The fuselage was of far more advanced construction than its predecessor, building on what Boeing had learned about all-metal fuselages while developing the P-12 and F4B fighters.

At least one Boeing 95 was used by the Honduran Air Force as a bomber. Another Model 95 took part in Boeing-arranged inflight refuelling demonstrations in 1929 but was unsuccessful in two attempts to fly a round-trip across the continental United States without landing.


  • Model 95 - standard production version

Specifications (Model 95)



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