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Beriev MBR-2

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The Beriev MBR-2[1] was a reconnaissance flying boat which entered service with the Soviet Navy in 1935.


The MBR-2 was designed by Georgy Mikhailovich Beriev and first flew in 1931, powered by an imported 373 kW (500 hp) BMW VI.Z engine. Production models, which arrived in 1934, used a licence-built version of this engine, the Mikulin M-17 of 508 kW (680 hp), and could be fitted with a fixed wheel or ski undercarriage.

Beriev also designed a commercial airliner derivation, the MP-1, which entered airline service in 1934, and a freighter version, which followed in 1936.

In 1935, an improved version was developed, the MBR-2bis, powered by the Mikulin AM-34N engine, and fitted with an enclosed cockpit, dorsal gun-turret and enlarged vertical tail. In this configuration, the machine remained in production until 1941. As with the MBR-2, the bis spawned a commercial derivative and the MP-1bis entered service in 1937.


  • MBR-2M-17 : Short-range maritime reconnaissance, bombing flying-boat, powered by a 508 kW (680 hp) Mikulin M-17B piston engine.
  • MBR-2AM-34 :
  • MBR-2M-103 : One MBR-2AM-34 was fitted with the more powerful M-103 engine. One prototype only.
  • MBR-2bis : Improved version, powered by a Mikulin AM-34N engine.
  • MP-1 : Civil version of the MBR-2M-17 flying-boat for Aeroflot. It could carry six passengers in an enclosed cabin.
  • MP-1bis :
  • MP-1T : Freight transport version.



Specifications (MBR-2bis)

General characteristics



  • Guns:
    • 1× 7.62 mm (0.30 in) PV-1 machine gun in bow
    • 1× 7.62 mm ShKAS machine gun in dorsal turret
  • Bombs: 300 kg (660 lb) of bombs, mines, and depth charges carried underwing

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  1. MBR stands for Russian Morskoi Blizhniy Razvedchik (Cyrillic: Морской Ближний Разведчик) "Naval Short Range Reconnaissance".
  • Munson, Kenneth (1969). Bombers, Patrol and Transport Aircraft 1939-45. Blandford. ISBN 0-71370379-2. 

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