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Aviatik C.I

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1/48 scale model
Type Reconnaissance aircraft
Manufacturer Aviatik
Maiden flight 1915

The Aviatik C.I was a 1915 WWI observation plane. It was the successor to the Aviatik B.I and B.II models. The observer sat in front of the pilot in this model which limited the gunner's field of fire. The positions of the pilot and gunner were reversed in the C.Ia version. Later models, the C.II and C.III were produced in large numbers and had more powerful engines.


Engine: Mercedes DII 6 cylinder 160hp
Wingspan: 41 ft.
Length: 26 ft.
Weight: 2,732 lbs (1242 kg)
Maximum Speed: 89 mph (142 kph)
Ceiling: 11,480 ft. (3,500 m)
Endurance: 3 hrs
Armament: 1 machine-gun
Crew: 2


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