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Aerojet General X-8

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X-8 Aerobee
Aerojet X-8 rocket
Type Upper Atmospheric Research Vehicle, X-Plane
Manufacturer Aerojet General
Maiden flight 2 December, 1949[1]
Primary users NACA/NASA
United States Air Force
United States Navy
Number built 108
Variants Aerobee

The Aerojet General X-8 was an unguided, spin-stabilized sounding rocket designed to launch a Template:Convert payload to Template:Convert. The X-8 was later spun-off into the prolific Aerobee rocket.

Operational history

At launch, an Template:Convert thrust Aerojet solid rocket booster fired for 2.5 seconds. After booster jettison, a Template:Convert thrust RTV-N10 liquid fuel rocket burned for up to 40 seconds (depending on desired apogee). The spent rocket then fell back in a ballistic arc, the payload returning to Earth via parachute. The baseline X-8 measured Template:Convert in length and measured Template:Convert across the fins. In testing, a maximum altitude of Template:Convert and a speed of Mach six was achieved.


  • X-8 - 68
  • X-8A - 34
  • X-8B - 1
  • X-8C - 2
  • X-8D - 3

Specifications (general)

Data from The X-Planes: X-1 to X-45[1]

General characteristics

  • Crew: unmanned
  • Length: 20ft 1.5in ()
  • Wingspan: 5ft 3in ()
  • Height: 15in ()
  • Wing area: 36ft² ()
  • Empty weight: 135lb ()
  • Loaded weight: 1,097lb ()
  • Useful load: 150-300lb ()




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