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Aériane Sirocco

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The Aériane Sirocco is a single-seat ultralight available in kit form and originally produced by Aviasud. It is of pod-and-boom design with tricycle undercarriage and pusher configuration. The fuselage is of composite construction. In 1984, one was flown in a circumnavigation of the earth.

Specifications (Sirocco)

General characteristics

  • Crew: one pilot
  • Wingspan: 10.06 m (33 ft 0 in)
  • Wing area: 13.1 m² (141 ft²)
  • Empty: 131 kg (289 lb)
  • Loaded: 248 kg (547 lb)
  • Powerplant: Rotax 447, 26 kW (35 hp)


  • Maximum speed: 118 km/h (74 mph)
  • Rate of climb: 305 m/min (1,000 m/min)

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