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Type State-owned company
Key peopleSemyon Lavochkin, designer
IndustryAerospace and defense
ProductsMilitary aircraft

Lavochkin Design Bureau (OKB-301) was a Soviet aircraft design bureau (OKB), now defunct, named for its head designer, Semyon Lavochkin. It gained distinction for its family of piston-engined fighter aircraft during World War II, and later shifted to missile designs. The bureau was closed in 1960 upon its head designer's death, but was later re-opened as the NPO Lavochkin to work on interplanetary probe designs for Luna sample return program, the Lunokhod program, Vega program, Phobos program, and others.

NPO Lavochkin is the successor organization, a Russian manufacturer active in aeronautical design and engineering; for example, Fregat space booster is made there. The firm sometimes goes by the names Lavochkin Research and Production Association or Lavochkin Association. Currently it is headed by Valeriy N. Poletskiy.



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