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Friedrichshafen FF.34

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Type Two-seat coastal patrol floatplane
Manufacturer Flugzeugbau Friedrichshafen
Maiden flight 1916
Primary user German Navy
Number built 1

The Friedrichshafen FF.34 was a German biplane floatplane of the 1910s produced by Flugzeugbau Friedrichshafen.

Development and design

The FF.34 was similar to the earlier FF.31 as it was a twin-boom pusher floatplane. It had a central nacelle with two open cockpits. The engine (a Maybach Mb.IV) was mounted at the back of the nacelle, driving a pusher propeller. The twin tail booms were fitted to a rear tailplane/elevator assembly. The aircraft was later modified with a conventional fuselage and tail unit and re-designated the FF.44


Prototype twin-boom pusher floatplane.
FF.34 converted with a convential fuselage and tail unit.


Template:Country data German Empire

Specifications (FF.44)



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