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Doak VZ-4

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Doak VZ-4
Type VTOL research convertiplane
Manufacturer Doak Aircraft Company
Maiden flight 1958 in aviation
Primary user United States Army
Number built 1

The Doak VZ-4 (or Doak Model 16) was an American prototype VTOL aircraft built in the 1950s for service in the US Army. It was originally powered by am 840 shp Lycoming YT53 turbine. It was replaced with a 1000 shp Lycoming T53-L-1 turbine. [1] The turbine engine is mounted in the fuselage driving two ducted fan air screws.

Only one aircraft was produced. The sole example, serial number 56-9642, is on display at the U.S. Army Transportation Museum located at Fort Eustis, VA.





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