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Curtiss Twin JN

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Curtiss Twin JN (JN-5, Model 1B)
Type Experimental biplane observation aircraft
Manufacturer Curtiss
Introduced 1916
Primary user United States Army Air Service
Number built 8

The Curtiss Twin JN (retrospectively called Model 1B, also known as JN-5) was an American experimental biplane observation aircraft built by Curtiss for the United States Army Air Service.

Based on the successful JN-4, the Twin JN used the same wing structure with an extended span, by enlarging the center section. Control was achieved with the tail of a Curtiss R-4. For power, it employed a pair of 90 hp (67 kW) Curtiss OXX-2s, between the wings.

One aircraft was evaluated by the United States Navy as a twin-float seaplane.

The type was also built in Canada by Canadian Aeroplanes as the Twin Canada. Eleven aircraft were delivered to the Royal Flying Corps and one to the Royal Naval Air Service.




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