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CASA C-295

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EADS CASA C-295 is a twin-turboprop tactical military transport aircraft and medium-range, narrowbody airliner manufactured by EADS-CASA in Spain.

Design and development

The C-295 is a further development of the commercially successful Spanish/Indonesia transport aircraft CASA CN-235 with a stretched fuselage, 50% more payload capability and new PW127G turboprop engines. The C-295 made its maiden flight in 1998. The first order came from the Spanish Air Force.

Operational history

The C-295 is used by several air forces and some 57 have already been delivered.

The C-295 was also a major bidder for the US Army/US Air Force Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA) awarded to the L-3 Communications/Alenia team on June 13, 2007.[1] The C-295 was considered a higher risk by the Army due to its use of a new operational mode to meet altitude and range requirements.[2]

The C-295 is a candidate to replace the Canadian Forces's de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo.Template:Citation needed


  • Troop transport - 71 seats (+ 4 optional)
  • Pallet transport - Five 108" x 88" (one in ramp), ten 88" x 54" pallets
  • Medevac - 24 stretchers (+ 3 optional)
  • Fighter engine transport - Three EJ200
  • Vehicle transport - Three light vehicles (Land Rover type)
  • Maritime patrol version - 12 hours on surveillance and a Armament capacity 6 underwing stations


File:Casa c-295 c-105 riat2009 arp.jpg
EADS CASA C-295 of the Brazilian Air Force in special markings for RIAT 2009
  • Chilean Navy recently purchased 3 C-295 MPA to replace their aging P-3ACH Orions. Chile has options on a further 5 to replace a combined fleet of 8 Embraer EMB-111 Bandeirante and 3 Casa C-212A.
Template:Country data Venezuela
  • Venezuelan Air Force ordered 10 aircraft in 2008. The order was vetoed by the U.S., but Venezuela paid to have all American equipment removed and replaced by equivalent Spanish equipment to circumnavigate the embargo.


Mirosławiec air accident: on January 23 2008 a Polish Air Force CASA C-295 flying from Warsaw via Powidz and Krzesiny to Mirosławiec crashed during approach to the 12th Air Base near Mirosławiec. All passengers and crew aboard were killed.[5] The number of victims were 20.[6] All Polish C-295s were grounded after the incident.[7] Polish defence minister Bogdan Klich dismissed five air force personnel after the accident investigation, which concluded that multiple failings contributed to the 23 January crash.[8]

Specifications (C-295M)

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  • Munson, Kenneth. "Andalusian Airlifter - CASA C-295". Air International, Vol 75, No. 5, November 2008. pp. 32—37.

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