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Issue 7, Monday 4th February 2008 About the Transport Journal

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The SpottingWorld family

Editor's notes
Greetings to the great and humble readers of "The Journal'.

February is now upon us, and this is great month! Heritage Railways and Tramways will start opening their doors to paying customers, and rail and air travel often "take off" for the late skiing holidays. And of course, how can we forget? TrainSpottingWorld and PlaneSpottingWorld will also be celebrating their first birthdays! We plan to have several special features in the next 2 issues, as we celebrate the birthdays. There will also be a competition, and other celebratory things!...

Now, I was thinking to myself last week about how to improve all the wikis and the TJ. The first thing that I thought of was that my editorials each issue of the TJ are based more around Trains, seeing as that's where my interests lie. So, from now on, i'll try to be less biased.

Secondly, I thought about articles etc. I've been doing a lot of Tram Stuff at Trains recently, and so I am hoping that this can get us on things such as the Interwiki Map. This should help us a lot!

Finally, I had a think about the Transport Journal. As you know, we added a new section for the community in Issue 3, but now I want feedback on anything about the TJ. This has been something that we have been lacking so far! The only way we can improve it is if you guys tell us what you want to see. I have many ideas, but I don't want to implement them because it may not be what people want.

Just a note for next issue: I will not be here from the 7th onwards, as I am skiing, so please direct any enquiries about the TJ to Assisstant Editor Tbo 157 (Tbo at Trains).

That's it from me this week,


All users are welcome to submit content for this newsletter, regardless of whether they are an editing volunteer, at Project:The Transport Journal/Submit.

Message from first issue

Hi and thanks for subscribing to The Transport Journal. The Transport Journal was set up to inform users of SpottingWorld projects of the latest goings on in our projects including new processes, current big discussions, any events and some news as well as the goings on in the real transport world. We hope that this weekly newsletter can get users more involved with the community by informing users of what is going on. This will become more useful as the community grows larger.

Thanks, Tbo 157 12:33, 19 December 2007 (UTC)

PSW Announcements
  • We have reached the magic number of 1000 articles! Most of these are still stub articles, or those imported from WP, so get editing to make them even more diverse!
  • Please get discussing at swplane:The Terminal.
  • We are planning to set up some workforces - please join in the discussion at swplane:Planes talk:Workforces

Current PSW local editor : Tbo 157

TSW Announcements
Latest news/requests/announcements
  • TrainSpottingWorld is now on the Interwiki Map, as used by the Wikimedia Foundation and other large, respected wikis. This is a great achievment for us, and just in time for our 1st Birthday! To add ANY article link on any site using the IW map, you just need to use the same prefix we have here, [[swtrain:]]!
Ongoing requests/announcements
  • Voting has now opened for the featured article and image on the main page so get voting. Go to swtrain:Main Page/Featured Content/Suggestions.
  • There is currently a backlog on creating new US Rail related articles. Please help out.
  • We need users to start working on new portals and workforces as well as maintaining the old ones.
  • It has been suggested that newsletters for different "Big Four" rail companies, British Railways Regions and the later BR sectors - Network SouthEast, InterCity, Railfreight, Regional Railways etc. Would you like to see these as either regular newsletters? Or perhaps the odd supplement with the Transport Journal? Or perhaps a new section withing the current Journal format? Well, you can comment!
  • A very important request now: This applies mainly to FanFic articles, but can any user creating new articles please ensure that the namespace is correct. For Fan Fiction, the namespace is FanFic, not Fanfic as many users have been naming articles. It gets very frustrating for the admins who have to move the pages and then delete their now orphaned original pages!
  • In addition, imporvement is needed on the Fan-fic articles, and even possible new Fan-fic articles. We encourage anyone with a Fan-fic idea, to go for it, as long as it stays within the Fan-fic section of TSW.

Current TSW local editors: Bluegoblin7 and Dalek X

Current PSW Discussions
  • We're currently looking at setting up some workforces. The current idea is to have one big umbrella workforce and smaller daughter workforces under them. Comments are welcome at Planes:Workforces.
Current TSW Discussions
  • It's been vert quiet at Trains this month, and there's been no discussions this month... get contributing next month!
Spotting World news and announcements

Article rescuing

  • Alot of article rescuing from Wikipedia has been taking place, importing articles from WP which may be deleted. Please continue to do this as it seems to be attracting new users from WP.

Coming soon

  • Delivery and anti vandal bots.
  • A new semi protect feature which would block newly registered users from editing the semi protected page.

Bugs and problems

Transport news and events
  • A whole load of airshows are happening soon including Farnborough 2008, Waddington 2008, RIAT 2008 so make sure you book early if you intend to go.
  • Crich Tramway Village, home of the National Tramway Museum, is kicking of it's 2008 season with half term openings daily from the 9th February until the 27th!
  • More news on the Talyllyn Railway, No. 2: "Dolgoch" is following in the footsteps of her big sister, "Talyllyn" and is having a repaint. Here is the first Grey Undercoat as well as some pics of other jobs going on in the workshops.
  • Now for some sad news, as some of you who work on the Talyllyn (or read everything in the above link) know, Talyllyn has lost engineeer and inpsector Phil Guest last week. He passed away after a short illness, and will be greatly missed.

The Community
  • Well, several things from me!
    • Just thought i'd ask if anyone is going near any Railways or Tramways, Heritage or otherwise, and they are taking their camera, could they possibly send me the pics they get? Or upload them at Trains and notify me!
    • Secondly, if anyone has any information about the history of the 2 new 0-6-0 Shunters at the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway (Janus and Claire!)? Again, email me or upload at Trains.
  • Thanks,
  • Bluegoblin7 19:24, 25 January 2008 (UTC) (contact me at any wiki!)