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Operators of the F-16 Fighting Falcon

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Many nations are Operators of the F-16 Fighting Falcon. Most nations and services which have operated the F-16 still operate the aircraft as of the start of 2005. Additionally, there are a number of nations which have been prospective operators, but have yet to obtain the aircraft.

United States operators

Several commands of the United States Air Force as well as the United States Navy and National Aeronautics and Space Administration use various models of the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

USAF Air Combat Command

The descendant of the Tactical Air Command and Stategic Air Command, Air Combat Command (ACC), is the primary combat aircraft operator of the United States Air Force. Originally all new F-16s would be delivered to TAC or ACC and then transferred to other commands, but now aircraft are often delivered directly to the other commands.

USAF Air Education and Training Command

The USAF Air Education and Training Command provides for most of the US Air Force's F-16 training facilities and operations. The command also provides for training of foreign air forces operating the F-16, with two squadrons providing training for Singapore and Taiwan.

USAF Air Force Materiel Command

The Air Force Materiel Command is responsible for providing, testing, and maintaining US Air Force equipment. As such, it plays a large part in the F-16 program, both in testing the aircraft and its weapon systems. It utilizes the F-16 for numerous tests for weapons equipping many US Air Force aircraft. Additionally, it operates overhaul programs to maintain the F-16 fleet of not only the US Air Force, but several foreign air forces as well.

USAF Reserve Command

The delivery of the F-16 to the Air Force Reserve Command, marked the first aircraft type to be delivered new, changing the long policy of merely passing older airframes on from the active forces to the reserves. Currently, the AFRC operates block 25, 30, and 32 aircraft.

US Air National Guard

As with the Air Force Reserve, the F-16 marked the transition of the US Air National Guard to a viable fighting force complementary to active-duty units, as opposed to the second-line force of out-of-date aircraft it had been. The F-16 remains a key part of the force structure.

USAF Pacific Air Forces

The USAF Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) were an early recipient of the F-16, and the PACAF operates the latest models of the F-16 today.

US Air Forces in Europe

Once PACAF began receiving its F-16, US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) became a recipient of the F-16. USAFE F-16s have been common participants in most recent US military operations in Europe and the Middle East.

US Navy

While the US Navy chose the competing F/A-18 Hornet for development as a carrier-based fighter, the service still had a need for an aggressor aircraft to supplement the A-4 Skyhawk and F-5 Freedom Fighter posing as enemy fighters to help train Navy pilots in dissimilar air combat training (DACT). The lightweight F-16 was ideal for the job, and the F-16N version was specifically developed for the task. Lacking weapons capability, the F-16N and two-seat TF-16N served for a number of years before retirement. The F-16 was reintroduced to the role for the Navy with the acquisition of some of the Pakistani F-16A/B-15OCU aircraft embargoed before delivery to that country.

US National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Not a military force, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) does play a vital role in research and development of aerospace technology. Its fleet contains two exotic F-16 models, the F-16XL and F-16A AFTI, both involved in researching advanced technologies for application to not only the F-16, but other aircraft as well. Additionally, a number of mundane F-16s have been operated by NASA as chase aircraft and engine testbeds.

Original NATO partners

Once selected by the United States, it was further decided to form a partnership between the United States Air Force, then beginning development of the plane for service, and nations of the NATO alliance who had a similar need for a lightweight fighter. Four such nations chose to join the development effort, and became part as well of the production and sub-contracting work to build the Fighting Falcon. The four European partners were Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Norway.


Belgium was the largest initial buyer of the F-16 of the four original NATO partners, and also was a primary producer of the aircraft as part of the partnership. Belgium's initial order brought delivery of 116 F-16A and F-16B in blocks 1, 5, 10, and 15, beginning in 1979, and was completed in 1985. A follow-on order for 44 F-16A-15OCU and F-16B-15OCU was completed in 1991.


Denmark was the smallest member of the NATO partnership, with the Royal Danish Air Force accepting 58 aircraft under Denmark's initial order. A small follow-on order brought a further twelve aircraft to Denmark, and two further attrition replacement orders have been placed, totalling seven planes between them.


The Netherlands, like Belgium, made substantial orders for the F-16, and hosted assembly facilities for the aircraft at the Fokker plant. A total of 97 aircraft were initially ordered, but these were followed by substantial follow-on orders for a total of 111 additional aircraft. 52 of these were F-16A/B-15OCU aircraft. These orders brought total Dutch F-16 deliveries to 208.


Norway joined the original NATO partnership to replace its F-104 Starfighter fleet. Norway ordered 72 F-16A/B aircraft, but unlike the other partners, there was no follow-up, save a single order for 2 F-16B-15OCU aircraft as attrition replacements. All the aircraft have been scheduled for the Mid-Life-Update (MLU), and received new, helmet mounted sighting systems.



After protracted negotiations Hellenic Air Force ordered the F-16 in 1985. FMS program Peace Xenia was begun with delivery of 40 F-16C/D-30 in 1989 and 1990. This was followed by an order for 40 F-16C/D-50 fighters, delivered in 1997 and 1998. In June 2000 a further order for 50 F-16C/D-52 was made with an option of 10 more fighters, exercised in September 2001. All 60 aircraft (40 C- model aircraft and 20 D- model, missionized) were delivered by June 2004. On December 2005 the Greek government signed a LOA for the delivery of 30 new block 52 F-16s with an option on 10 more. The first batch consists of 20 C-models and 10 D-models, while first deliveries are due in 2009.


Italy has decided on the Eurofighter Typhoon as its next generation of air defense fighter, however this aircraft is not yet ready for deployment. In the meantime, Panavia Tornado aircraft from the United Kingdom were leased to cover the gap. This lease ran out in 2003, without the Typhoon being yet ready for service. The solution was provided by a five year lease of 34 F-16 aircraft, of which 30 will be F-16A/B-15ADF aircraft. The final four aircraft will be earlier block aircraft for spares. All are ex-USAF aircraft.


One of the former members of the Warsaw Pact looking to replace an aging fleet of Soviet-built MiG-23 (withdrawn in service in 1999 due to small number) and MiG-21 and fighters (withdrawn from service on 2003), Poland conducted competition between the Dassault Rafale, Saab JAS 39 Gripen, Boeing F/A-18 Hornet, and the F-16. Despite a strong challenge by the BAe/Saab team, Poland declared its intent to purchase up to 48 F-16C/D-52+ aircraft. These capable aircraft are to be delivered from 2006 to about 2009 under the Peace Sky program. The jets were named F-16 Jastrząb (Goshawk) in Polish. Now F-16, alongside with 32 MiG-29 fighters and 48 Su-22 ground attack aircrafts are main power of Polish Air Force.


Portugal first ordered F-16s in 1990, with a batch of 20 F-16A/B-15OCU for air defense duties. A follow-on order in 1996 purchased 25 ex-USAF block 15 aircraft for the ground attack role.

As of 2005 Portugal operates 20 F-16 A/B MLU (operated by Squadron No. 201) and 19 F-16 A/B of the block 15 OCU.


Turkey became one of the nations to produce their own F-16 fleet, begun with an initial order for 156 F-16C/D aircraft. Follow-on orders have been placed for an additional 80 aircraft. Of interest is the fact that despite all but eight of these aircraft being built in Turkey, each aircraft had to visit United States territory under the terms of the Foreign Military Sales program. In 2005 Turkey signed a $1.1bn avionics upgrade package, based on the USAF's Common Configuration Implementation Program (CCIP).

Middle East


The small nation of Bahrain originally ordered the F-16 in 1987, agreeing to buy eight F-16C and four F-16D under the Peace Crown program. These aircraft arrived prior to the first Gulf War. After this, with the increasing military presence of the United States, Bahrain sought further enhancement of its air force and replacement of their F-5 Tiger II fighters. Initial talks centered on the F-16N being withdrawn from the United States Navy, but ultimately it was decided to purchase ten new F-16C aircraft. Worthy of note was the unusual clearance for sale of the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile, perhaps allowed due to the fact that the United States 5th Fleet makes its home in Bahrain.


Since the historic Camp David accords, Egypt has actively sought to re-equip its military with western weapons. Thus, it has become a large customer for the F-16 Fighting Falcon, which fits well with Egyptian defense needs. No fewer than six separate Peace Vector programs have delivered 42 F-16A/B-15, 40 F-16C/D-32, and 138 F-16C/D-40 fighters to the Egyptian Air Force by 2002.


The Israeli Air Force is one of the largest F-16 operators in the world (Second only to the USAF). The Israeli Air Force obtained the first shot downs for the entire F-16 series, shooting down a Syrian Mi-8 helicopter and a MiG-21 jet in 1982.

Israel took advantage of the Iranian F-16 deal falling through to gain an early spot in the orders for the new jet. As early as 1978, Israel had announced plans to buy 75 of the aircraft, and the FMS program Peace Marble I delivered these 75 F-16A/B aircraft. A follow-on order for the F-16C/D block 30 doubled Israel's Falcon fleet, and this was further enhanced by Peace Marble III, delivering 30 F-16C block 40 and 30 F-16D block 40 aircraft from 1991 to 1993. In part to reward Israel for moderation shown during the Gulf War, a shipment of 50 ex-USAF F-16A/B aircraft was delivered in 1994. Israel has not finished adding F-16s to the Israel Defense Force Air Force. In a deal worth $4.5 billion, Israel ordered a total of 102 F-16D block 52+, designated the F-16I or "Sufa" (Storm) in Hebrew. The first deliveries began in 2004, and will continue through 2009.


Like Egypt, Jordan opened the door to modern American arms sales by reaching a peace agreement with Israel, this one in 1994. Jordan then arranged for a lease of air defense F-16s from the United States. The program was successful, providing Jordan with 16 F-16A/B-15ADF fighters in 1997 and 1998. A second Peace Falcon program is slated to deliver a further 17 aircraft of similar type. All of these aircraft are refurbished ex-USAF examples.

United Arab Emirates

It was surprising to some to find the F-16 the winner of the UAE's high-end fighter competition, besting both the Dassault Rafale and F-15 Eagle. The key was a highly advanced configuration that became the F-16E/F-60, with the UAE as its first customer. A total of 80 of the aircraft were ordered and are under delivery through 2006.



A small operator of the F-16, Indonesia has only received a single allotment of 12 F-16A/B-15OCU aircraft. A purchase of nine more aircraft was cancelled in favor of the Sukhoi Su-30, although this has not been completed either.


Pakistan was an early customer for F-16s, seeking to counter their rival India's purchases of Soviet aircraft. The United States obliged by selling increasingly large lots of F-16A/B fighters to Pakistan. An initial order for 40 aircraft was delivered in two installments, and led to a further order for 71 more F-16A/B-15OCU aircraft. Due to political developments relating to Pakistan's nuclear program, these aircraft were embargoed before delivery. 28 aircraft remained in storage while other buyers were sought, but ultimately it was decided that the aircraft would be put into service with the US Air Force and Navy as aggressor aircraft. The remaining aircraft on order had work stopped before completion.


Singapore began as a small F-16 user, but has a steadily growing fleet. It has operated the aircraft since 1988, when the first of its initial order for 8 F-16A/B-15OCU arrived. Since then, it has begun ordering multiple installments of F-16C/D-52 aircraft, totalling 76 of the advanced fighters.

South Korea

Facing a desperate need for advanced aircraft to counter North Korea's numerical superiority, South Korea was quick to order the F-16 to meet its needs with a 1981 order for 36 F-16C/D aircraft, making it the first operator for the C/D model outside of the United States. A more ambitious program to provide 120 new fighters was initially lost to the F/A-18 Hornet, but various difficulties led to the order going to the F-16, 72 of which were to be manufactured in South Korea. In 2000, a further 20 Korean-built F-16s were added.


Taiwan is a major F-16 customer, although it has placed only a single order for the aircraft. In 1992, 150 F-16A/B-20 aircraft were ordered while at the same time Taiwan ordered 60 Dassault Mirage 2000 and launched its own indigenous fighter program, the AIDC Ching-Kuo. Delivery of all F-16s was completed in 2001.


Initially considered a candidate to purchase the F-16/79, Thailand's first order was ultimately for 12 F-16A/B-15OCU fighters, immediately bolstered by a further 6 F-16A-15OCU planes. 18 more aircraft were received in 1995, the last new-production block 15 aircraft built. An attempt to buy F/A-18 Hornets failed, and in place of them, the US offered to sell ex-USAF F-16s. A total of 18 examples were bought. In early 2005, the Royal Thai Air Force received 3 F-16A-15OCU and 4 F-16B-15OCU from the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

Latin America


Chile selected the F-16 as the winner of a long-running competition to provide the nation's next generation of fighter aircraft in 2000. The F-16 competed successfully against the Saab JAS 39 Gripen, Dassault Mirage 2000, and Dassault Rafale. Economic troubles have slowed purchase plans, and currently Chile is slated to receive the first of its ten F-16C/D-50 aircraft in 2006. The deal for six C and four D model aircraft was valued at $600 million in 2002 and will be conducted under the program name Peace Puma. There are plans to buy around 20 more used F-16.


The first--and for a long time the only--South American user of the F-16, Venezuela ordered a total of 24 F-16s in 1982, and they have served since. The purchase of two attrition replacements has been sought, but recent troubles in the country have prevented the completion of this plan. The country has recently ordered several Sukhoi Su-30s[1] and has threatened to sell its F-16s to Iran.[2]

Future and cancelled orders


The Argentine Air Force has long been seeking replacement of its aged Dassault Mirage III fleet, and the F-16 is a likely contender for such a role. However, any potential program is on indefinite hold as Argentina deals with financial difficulties.


Austria launched a fighter competition, in which the F-16C/D was entered against the Saab JAS 39 Gripen, Dassault Mirage 2000-5, Boeing F/A-18 Hornet, Eurofighter Typhoon, and Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum. Austria chose to purchase 18 Typhoons, and despite this being temporarily put on hold in 2002 after heavy floods, the competition will not likely be re-opened.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

It was long rumored that Bosnia and Herzegovina would be provided surplus F-16s as part of the US program there, with the Pakistani embargoed aircraft often mentioned as candidates. This fell through however, although the nation has not stopped considering an F-16 purchase, with many possible sellers.


Brazil is currently waging a competition for a new fighter between the F-16, the JAS 39, the Sukhoi Su-35, and the Mirage 2000BR.


Needing to replace its Mikoyan MiG-21 fleet, Croatia has considered the F-16, although little progress has been made.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has sought a modern western fighter since its 1999 entry into NATO. A stop-gap plan to buy used aircraft put off this decision, but in 2003, the Saab JAS 39 Gripen was selected as the next fighter for the Republic.


Ecuador has announced intent to buy several new fighter aircraft to match recent purchases by Peru. It is considered unlikely that such a purchase is affordable, although if it goes forward, the F-16 would be a contender for any orders.


Eager to join NATO, and needing to purchase new fighter aircraft to bring its forces up to par for entry, Hungary struggled with budget problems and was unable to go forward with a program to purchase the number of aircraft needed. Despite the low cost of the F-16, the Saab JAS 39 Gripen was selected for lease.


Iran, under the government of the Shah of Iran, was the first foreign customer outside of the original NATO partnership. 160 aircraft were ordered, but none had been delivered by the time of the overthrow of the Shah and rise of the Ayatollah. Ultimately the large cancellation opened the door for Israel to obtain rapid delivery of large numbers of the aircraft.


Oman has indicated its interest in purchasing 12 F-16C/D-50 aircraft. The $1.1 billion deal has not been finalized, and deliveries have not begun, although the package is supposed to include a full suite of weapons and electronics for the aircraft.

New Zealand

Seeking replacement of its aging A-4 Skyhawk fleet, New Zealand began a program to lease-buy the 28 F-16A/B-15OCU aircraft embargoed before delivery to Pakistan. While this deal offered considerable cost savings it proved to be unaffordable and was cancelled in 2002. The aircraft have since been disposed of and the Royal New Zealand Air Force no longer operates jet fighter aircraft.


Needing a viable aircraft to support its cause in the dispute over the Spratly Islands, the Philippines sought to purchase F-16s to replace its F-5 fleet. Financial difficulties have put this plan in hiatus.

Saudi Arabia

As a replacement for its large F-5 fleet, in 1997 Saudi Arabia announced interest in purchasing up to 100 F-16s. However, little progress has been made on the deal since, and the RSAF has ordered 72 Eurofighters from the UK.


One of the Eastern European nations seeking to modernize its fighter fleet, Slovenia has been a possible buyer of used F-16s. No sales have been announced, and the IAI Kfir and JAS 39 have also been offered.

South Africa

There was some possibility that the F-16 could meet the South African Air Force's need for a light-weight affordable fighter, but in 1999, the Saab JAS 39 Gripen was instead chosen.


With the retirement of its F-5 Freedom Fighter fleet coming before delivery of the Eurofighter Typhoon to replace it, Spain was offered a large sale of surplus USAF F-16 aircraft to fill the gap. However, it was decided to purchase further F/A-18 Hornet aircraft instead.

Summaries of F-16 operation

Summary of FMS sales

Over the years, most F-16 sales of aircraft built in the United States have been through the Foreign Military Sales program. Individual programs have been set up for each customer, the name of which consists of the word Peace followed by a name representative of the nation in question, such as Marble for Israel or Onyx for Turkey. Additionally, a numeral is added for multiple sales to the same nation.

Program                   Customer            Year          Aircraft sold
Peace A'sama A'safiya     Oman                Future        12 F-16C/D-50
Peace Atlantis I          Portugal            1994          17 F-16A-15OCU + 3 F-16B-15OCU
Peace Atlantis II         Portugal            1999          21 F-16A-15 + 4 F-16B-15
Peace Bima-Sena           Indonesia           1989-1990     8 F-16A-15OCU + 4 F-16B-15OCU
Peace Bridge I            South Korea         1986-1992     30 F-16C-32 + 10 F-16D-32
Peace Bridge II           South Korea         1994-2000     80 F-16C-52 + 40 F-16D-52
Peace Bridge III          South Korea         2003-2004     14 F-16C-52 + 6 F-16D-52
Peace Carvin I            Singapore           1988          4 F-16A-15OCU + 4 F-16B-15OCU
Peace Carvin II           Singapore           1998          8 F-16C-52 + 10 F-16D-52
Peace Carvin III          Singapore           2000-2002     10 F-16C-52 + 2 F-16D-52
Peace Carvin IV           Singapore           2003-2004     20 F-16D-52
Peace Caesar              Italy               2003-2004     26 F-16A-15ADF + 4 F-16B-15ADF + 4 F-16A/B-5/10
Peace Crown I             Bahrain             1990          8 F-16C-40 + 4 F-16D-40
Peace Crown II            Bahrain             2000          10 F-16C-40
Peace Delta               Venezuela           1982-1984     18 F-16A-15 + 6 F-16B-15
Peace Falcon I            Jordan              1997-1998     12 F-16A-15ADF + 4 F-16B-15ADF
Peace Falcon II           Jordan              2003          12 F-16A-15ADF + 5 F-16B-15ADF
Peace Fenghuang           Taiwan              1997-2001     120 F-16A-20 + 30 F-16B-20
Peace Gate I              Pakistan            1983          2 F-16A-15 + 4 F-16B-15
Peace Gate II             Pakistan            1983-1987     26 F-16A-15 + 8 F-16B-15
Peace Gate III            Pakistan            Embargoed     6 F-16A-15OCU + 5 F-16B-15OCU
Peace Gate IV             Pakistan            Embargoed     48 F-16A-15OCU + 12 F-16B-15OCU
Peace Marble I            Israel              1980-1981     18 F-16A-5 + 8 F-16B-5 + 40 F-16A-10 + 9 F-16A-15
Peace Marble II           Israel              1986-1988     51 F-16C-30 + 24 F-16D-30
Peace Marble III          Israel              1991-1993     30 F-16C-30 + 30 F-16D-30
Peace Marble IV           Israel              1994          3 F-16A-1 + 2 F-16B-1 + 1 F-16A-5 + 7 F-16B-5 + 32 F-16A-10 + 5 F-16B-10
Peace Marble V            Israel              2004-2009     102 F-16D-52
Peace Naresuan I          Thailand            1988          8 F-16A-15OCU + 4 F-16B-15OCU
Peace Naresuan II         Thailand            1990-1991     6 F-16A-15OCU
Peace Naresuan III        Thailand            1995-1996     12 F-16A-15OCU + 6 F-16B-15OCU
Peace Naresuan IV         Thailand            2002-2003     15 F-16A-15ADF + 1 F-16B-15ADF + 2 F-16A-10OCU
Peace Onyx I              Turkey              1987-1995     34 F-16C-30 + 9 F-16D-30 + 102 F-16C-40 + 15 F-16D-40
Peace Onyx II             Turkey              1996-1997     34 F-16C-50 + 6 F-16D-50
Peace Onyx III            Turkey              1998-1999     26 F-16C-50 + 14 F-16D-50
Peace Puma                Chile               2006          6 F-16C-50 + 4 F-16D-50
Peace Sky                 Poland              2006-2009     36 F-16C-52 + 12 F-16D-52
Peace Vector I            Egypt               1982-1985     34 F-16A-15 + 8 F-16B-15
Peace Vector II           Egypt               1986-1988     34 F-16C-32 + 6 F-16D-32
Peace Vector III          Egypt               1991-1995     35 F-16C-40 + 12 F-16D-40
Peace Vector IV           Egypt               1994-1995     34 F-16C-40 + 12 F-16D-40
Peace Vector V            Egypt               1999-2000     21 F-16C-40
Peace Vector VI           Egypt               2001-2002     12 F-16C-40 + 12 F-16D-40
Peace Xenia I             Greece              1989-1990     34 F-16C-30 + 6 F-16D-30
Peace Xenia II            Greece              1997-1998     32 F-16C-50 + 8 F-16D-50
Peace Xenia III           Greece              2002-2004     40 F-16C-52 + 20 F-16D-52 
Peace Xenia IV            Greece              2009-2010     20 F-16C-52 + 10 F-16D-52

Summary of F-16 usage by version

Model                     Customer            Year          Quantity
YF-16A                    USAF                1974          2
F-16A-FSD                 USAF                1976-1978     6
F-16A-1                   Belgium             1979-1980     17
F-16A-1                   Denmark             1980-1983     3
F-16A-1                   Israel              1994          3 (ex-USAF)
F-16A-1                   Netherlands         1979-1980     12
F-16A-1                   Norway              1980          3
F-16A-1                   USAF                1978-1979     21
F-16A-5                   Belgium             1980-1981     8
F-16A-5                   Denmark             1980-1981     12
F-16A-5                   Israel              1980-1994     19 (1 ex-USAF)
F-16A-5                   Netherlands         1980-1981     14
F-16A-5                   Norway              1980-1981     10
F-16A-5                   USAF                1979-1980     46
F-16A-10                  Belgium             1981-1982     30
F-16A-10                  Denmark             1981-1982     15
F-16A-10                  Israel              1980-1994     72 (32 ex-USAF)
F-16A-10                  Italy               2003-2004     4 (ex-USAF)
F-16A-10                  Netherlands         1981-1982     20
F-16A-10                  Norway              1981-1982     15
F-16A-10                  USAF                1980-1981     188
F-16A-10OCU               Thailand            2002          2 (ex-USAF)
F-16A-15                  Belgium             1983-1985     41
F-16A-15                  Denmark             1983-1997     30 (6 ex-USAF)
F-16A-15                  Egypt               1982-1985     34
F-16A-15                  Israel              1980-1981     9
F-16A-15                  NASA                ?             1 (ex-USAF)
F-16A-15                  Netherlands         1982-1987     84
F-16A-15                  Norway              1982-1984     32
F-16A-15                  Pakistan            1983-1987     28
F-16A-15                  Portugal            1999          21 (ex-USAF)
F-16A-15                  USAF                1981-1985     409
F-16A-15                  Venezuela           1982-1984     18
F-16A-15ADF               Italy               2003-2004     26 (ex-USAF)
F-16A-15ADF               Jordan              1997-2003     24 (ex-USAF)
F-16A-15ADF               Thailand            2002-2003     15 (ex-USAF)
F-16A-15OCU               Belgium             1988-1991     40
F-16A-15OCU               Indonesia           1989-1990     8
F-16A-15OCU               Netherlands         1987-1992     47
F-16A-15OCU               Pakistan            Embargoed     13 (delivered to USAF and USN)
F-16A-15OCU               Portugal            1994          17
F-16A-15OCU               Singapore           1988          4
F-16A-15OCU               Thailand            1988-1996     26
F-16A-15OCU               USAF                2003          5 (ex-Pakistani embargo)
F-16A-15OCU               US Navy             2003          8 (ex-Pakistani embargo)
F-16A-20                  Taiwan              1997-2001     120
F-16B-FSD                 USAF                1977-1978     2
F-16B-1                   Belgium             1979-1980     6
F-16B-1                   Denmark             1980          2
F-16B-1                   Israel              1994          2 (ex-USAF)
F-16B-1                   Netherlands         1979-1980     6
F-16B-1                   Norway              1980          2
F-16B-1                   USAF                1978-1979     22
F-16B-5                   Belgium             1980-1981     4
F-16B-5                   Denmark             1981          3
F-16B-5                   Israel              1994          15 (7 ex-USAF)
F-16B-5                   Netherlands         1980-1981     2
F-16B-5                   Norway              1980-1981     2
F-16B-5                   USAF                1979-1980     27
F-16B-10                  Belgium             1981-1982     2
F-16B-10                  Denmark             1981-1997     4 (1 ex-USAF)
F-16B-10                  Israel              1994          5 (ex-USAF)
F-16B-10                  Netherlands         1981-1982     20
F-16B-10                  Norway              1981-1982     3
F-16B-10                  USAF                1980-1981     25
F-16B-15                  Belgium             1982-1983     8
F-16B-15                  Denmark             1983          8
F-16B-15                  Egypt               1982-1985     8
F-16B-15                  Netherlands         1982-1987     18
F-16B-15                  Norway              1982-1983     5
F-16B-15                  Pakistan            1983-1987     12
F-16B-15                  Portugal            1999          4 (ex-USAF)
F-16B-15                  USAF                1981-1985     48
F-16B-15                  Venezuela           1982-1984     6
F-16B-15ADF               Italy               2003-2004     4 (ex-USAF)
F-16B-15ADF               Jordan              1997-2003     9 (ex-USAF)
F-16B-15ADF               Thailand            2002          1 (ex-USAF)
F-16B-15OCU               Belgium             1989-1990     4
F-16B-15OCU               Indonesia           1989-1990     4
F-16B-15OCU               Netherlands         1988-1989     5
F-16B-15OCU               Norway              1989          2
F-16B-15OCU               Pakistan            Embargoed     15 (delivered to USAF and USN)
F-16B-15OCU               Portugal            1994          3
F-16B-15OCU               Singapore           1988          4
F-16B-15OCU               Thailand            1988-1995     10
F-16B-15OCU               USAF                2003          9 (ex-Pakistani embargo)
F-16B-15OCU               US Navy             2003          6 (ex-Pakistani embargo)
F-16B-20                  Taiwan              1997-2001     30
F-16C-25                  USAF                1984-1986     209
F-16C-30                  Greece              1989-1990     34
F-16C-30                  Israel              1986-1987     51
F-16C-30                  Turkey              1987-1990     34
F-16C-30                  USAF                1986-1989     359
F-16C-32                  Egypt               1986-1988     34
F-16C-32                  South Korea         1986-1992     30
F-16C-32                  USAF                1987-1989     57
F-16C-40                  Bahrain             1990-2000     18
F-16C-40                  Egypt               1991-2002     90 + 12 on order
F-16C-40                  Israel              1991-1993     30
F-16C-40                  Turkey              1990-1995     102
F-16C-40                  USAF                1988-1992     232
F-16C-42                  USAF                1989-1992     152
F-16C-50                  Chile               2006          6 on order
F-16C-50                  Greece              1997-1998     32
F-16C-50                  Turkey              1996-1999     50
F-16C-50                  USAF                1991-2004     186
F-16C-52                  Greece              2002-2004     40 
F-16C-52                  Greece              2009-2010     20 on order
F-16C-52                  Poland              2006-2009     36 on order
F-16C-52                  Singapore           1998-2002     26
F-16C-52                  South Korea         1994-2004     94
F-16C-52                  USAF                1992-1996     41
F-16D-25                  USAF                1984-1986     35
F-16D-30                  Israel              1987-1988     24
F-16D-30                  Greece              1997-1998     8
F-16D-30                  Turkey              1987-1989     9
F-16D-30                  USAF                1986-1989     48
F-16D-32                  Egypt               1986-1987     6
F-16D-32                  South Korea         1986-1992     10
F-16D-32                  USAF                1987-1989     5
F-16D-40                  Bahrain             1990          4
F-16D-40                  Egypt               1991-2002     24 + 12 on order
F-16D-40                  Israel              1991-1993     30
F-16D-40                  Turkey              1990-1994     15
F-16D-40                  USAF                1989-1992     34
F-16D-42                  USAF                1989-1992     54
F-16D-50                  Chile               2006          4 on order
F-16D-50                  Greece              1997-1998     32
F-16D-50                  Oman                Future        16 on order (some may be C models)
F-16D-50                  Turkey              1996-1999     20
F-16D-50                  USAF                1992-1994     28
F-16D-52                  Greece              2002-2004     20
F-16D-52                  Greece              2009-2010     10 on order
F-16D-52                  Israel              2004-2009     102
F-16D-52                  Poland              2006-2009     12 on order
F-16D-52                  Singapore           1998-2004     36
F-16D-52                  South Korea         1994-2004     46
F-16D-52                  USAF                1992-1994     12
F-16E-60                  UAE                 2004-2006     55 on order
F-16F-60                  UAE                 2003-2006     25 on order
F-16N-30                  US Navy             1987-1988     22
TF-16N-30                 US Navy             1987-1988     4
F-16 AFTI                 NASA                ?             1
F-16XL/A                  NASA                ?             1
F-16XL/B                  NASA                ?             1


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