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List of World War II military aircraft of Germany

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This list covers German aircraft of the Second World War that served in the Luftwaffe during World War II as defined by the years 19391945. Number designations are largely by the RLM designation system, although in this list they are partially organized by manufacturer and role.

The Luftwaffe of the Third Reich officially existed from 1933–1945; training for a German air force had been going on as early as the 1920s, before the Nazis came to power. The first list attempts to focus on the more significant aircraft that participated in the main part of the war. The second is a more all-encompassing list to include the time before, although projects are not covered. Captured aircraft also have a list. Internal projects of manufacturers are not listed, nor are many prototypes. A list of aircraft of the period from 1933–1945 can be found at list of RLM aircraft designations in the form of the Reich Aviation Ministry's list of aircraft. Planes from all branches are currently listed.

Introduction to Listings

A plane's number was usually related to its RLM designation and sometimes to its manufacturer (foreign ones with captured aircraft). The RLM-GL/C designations are not all correct and sometimes are used twice. The RLM would sometimes reassign numbers. Some pre-1933 aircraft just used their company names, etc.. The Aircraft names are the most common names. Other key data are sometimes listed afterward. See RLM aircraft designation system for a full explanation of the RLM system.

Primary Aircraft

This list does not primarily include projects, prototypes or captured aircraft but consists mostly of the most common aircraft of the German Luftwaffe that participated in the Second World War. A full list of project aircraft and captured aircraft can be found at list of RLM aircraft designations in the form of the Reich Aviation Ministry's list of aircraft.

See German aircraft production during WW2 for the most produced types.

German Military Aircraft 1919-1945

(While the Luftwaffe was not public until 1935, it had been in development in secret since the 1920s, and many aircraft made in the inter-war years were used during WW2)

Fighters and Interceptors

Bombers and ground attack

Patrol and Reconnaissance

Transports and Utility



Captured Aircraft

(in descending order of primary number)

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