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F-15N Sea Eagle

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The F-15N Sea Eagle was a proposed variant of the F-15 Eagle as an alternative to the F-14 Tomcat in Navy service.

During the development phase of the Eagle, the US Navy was instructed in July 1971 to take a look at a possible navalized version of the Eagle, provisionally designated F-15N. At that time, the Navy was satisfied with its Grumman F-14A Tomcat, which was then in its flight test phase, and was less than enthusiastic about a "Sea Eagle", unofficially known as "Seagle".

The navalized F-15N Sea Eagle initial proposed version was estimated to weigh 2300 pounds more than the F-15A.[1] The US Navy was not impressed with this F-15N version since it would be unable to carry or launch the AIM-54A Phoenix long-range missile.

The F-15N-PHX was another proposed naval version capable of carrying the AIM-54 Phoenix missile. The F-15N and F-15N-PHX featured folding wingtips, reinforced landing gear and a stronger tail hook for shipboard operation.[1]

The US Senate briefly revived the carrier-based Eagle idea in March 1973. However, the Navy decided instead to go with a mix of F-14 Tomcats and F/A-18 Hornets, and the F-15N was never ordered.[2]


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