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Douglas D-906

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The Douglas D-906 was a paper project for a heavy lift transport by the Douglas Aircraft Company.

Douglas spent four years studying a heavy lift logistics aircraft capable of moving outsize payloads and Army units, for which no capability existed, under the CX-4 and Experimental Cargo-Heavy Logistics Support (CX-HLS) programs. The D-906 was one of them.

With a shoulder wing and six 30,000 lb (13,608 kg) thrust turbofans, it superficially resembled the Antonov An-225. Planned payload was to be 195,000 lb (88,450 kg) for up to 3,262 nm (6,035 km), with a takeoff weight of 606,000 lb (274,877 kg).

Length was to be 190 ft 8½ in (58.13 m), span 192 ft 2½ in (58.59 m), and wing area 4,920 ft2 (457.085 m2).


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