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Schleicher ASW 28

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Schleicher ASW 28
Alexander Schleicher ASW 28-18.jpeg
Type designation ASW 28
Competition class Standard
Crew 1
Length 6.585 m
Height 1.30 m
Cockpit width 0.64 m
Cockpit height 0.80 m
Wingspan 15 / 18 m
Wing area 10.50 m² (15 m)
11.88 m² (18 m)
Aspect ratio 21.43 (15 m)
27.27 (18 m)
Wing profile DU 99-147 and DU 99-125
Empty mass 240 kg (ASW 28)
258 kg (ASW 28-18 at 15m)
270 kg (ASW 28-18)
Water ballast 200 kg (ASW 28)
190 kg (ASW 28-18)
Maximum mass 525 kg (15 m)
575 kg (18 m)
Wing loading 30 – 50 kg/m² (ASW 28)
32 – 50 kg/m² (ASW 28-18)
29 - 48.4 kg/m² (18 m)
Maximum speed 270 km/h
Rough air speed 200 km/h
Stall speed 72 km/h
Minimum sink rate ca. 0.56 / 0.48 m/s
Best glide ratio 45 at 100 km/h (15 m)
48 at 90 km/h (18 m)
Schleicher ASW 28 E
Alexander Schleicher ASW 28-18e 003.jpeg
Engine type Solo 2350 2-stroke
Engine power 13.5 kW (18 hp) at 4200 rpm
Climb rate in
powered flight
Range in 'saw-tooth'

The ASW 28 is a Standard Class glider with a fifteen metre span built of modern fibre reinforced composites. The manufacturer of the ASW-28 is Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co. The 'W' indicates this is a design of the influential and prolific German designer Gerhard Waibel. Serial production started in 2000.

As all Standard Class sailplanes, the ASW-28 does not have flaps or other lift-enhancing devices. It has tall winglets, a retractable undercarriage and a water ballast system. The structure is a complex composite of carbon, aramid and polyethylene fibre reinforced plastic. This permits a light structure with the strength to carry large amounts of water ballast, thus permitting the widest possible range of wing loadings for weak and strong soaring weather.

The ASW-28 supersedes the ASW 24 in the manufacturer's production line. It has - like its competitors Rolladen-Schneider LS8 and Schempp-Hirth Discus-2 - a version with wing extensions for the increasingly popular 18 metre Class, the ASW 28-18. The sustainer (non-self-launching) variant of the 18 metre version is the ASW 28-18 E.


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