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Schleicher ASW 27

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Schleicher ASW 27
Alexander Schleicher ASW27 840892 Marc Michel.jpeg
An ASW 27 landing at Sion, Switzerland.
Type designation ASW 27
Competition class 15 metre
Number built 236 (to 2005)
Crew 1
Length 6.55 m
Height 1.30 m
Cockpit width 0.64 m
Cockpit height 0.80 m
Wingspan 15 m
Wing area 9.00 m²
Aspect ratio 25
Wing profile DU 89-134/14
DU 94-086 M4
Empty mass 245 kg
Water ballast 190 kg
Maximum mass 500 kg
Wing loading ca. 35 – 55.6 kg/m²
Maximum speed 285 km/h
Rough air speed 215 km/h
Stall speed 70 km/h
Minimum sink rate ca. 0.52 m/s
Best glide ratio 48 at 100 km/h

The ASW 27 is a 15 metre Class glider built of modern fibre reinforced composites, which first flew in 1995 and was certified in 1997. The manufacturer of the ASW 27 is Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co. The 'W' indicates this is a design of the influential and prolific German designer Gerhard Waibel.

The ASW 27 has plain flaps, winglets, a retractable undercarriage and a water ballast system. The structure is a complex composite of carbon, aramid and polyethylene fibre reinforced plastic. This permits a light structure with the strength to carry large amounts of water ballast, thus permitting the widest possible range of wing loadings for weak and strong soaring weather. The strong fuselage was tested for crash protection was tested by dropping one from a crane.

The winglets were standard equipment from the beginning but were later enlarged in the ASW-27B development. The 'B' also has tanks to hold water ballast rather than bags.

The ASW 27 superseded the ASW 20 in the manufacturer's production line. It does not have a version with wing extensions for 18 metres. This was a design decision to pursue an uncompromised 15 metre racer, as "future engine retrofits or later wingspan increases were specifically ruled out".

The recent introduction of the ASG 29 has given the ASW 27 a stablemate that can compete in the same class, although the 29 can also fly with an 18 metre span and can be motorised.


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