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Schleicher ASW 22

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Schleicher ASW 22
Type designation ASW 22
Competition class Open
Number built 87
Crew 1
Length 8.1 m
Height 1.66 m
Cockpit width 0.64 m
Cockpit height 0.78 m
Wingspan 26.58 m (BL)
Wing area 16.7 m² (BL)
Aspect ratio 42.3 (BL)
Wing profile HQ17-14.28
DU84-132 (BL)
Empty mass 465 kg (BL)
Water ballast 235 kg (BL)
Maximum mass 750 kg
Wing loading ca. 33.8 – 45 kg/m² (BL)
Maximum speed 280 km/h
Rough air speed
Stall speed
Minimum sink rate 0.41 m/s at 85 km/h
Best glide ratio 62 at 95 km/h

The ASW 22 is an Open Class glider built of modern fibre reinforced composites including carbon-fibre and Kevlar. The manufacturer of the ASW 22 is Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co. The 'W' indicates this is a design of the German designer Gerhard Waibel.

The ASW 22 Open Class successor to the ASW 17. It first flew in 8 July 1981 as a 22 metre glider. The span was increased to 25 metre for the ASW 22B with a modified inner wing section and flaperons similar to the ASW-20. It uses a Horstmann and Quast wing profile on the inner section with underwing tubes to collect high-pressure air which then expelled through turbulator holes in the bottom wing skin ahead of the flap and aileron hinge line to prevent the separation of the laminar flow. The ASW-22 has a two-wheel retractable udercarriage.

An ASW 22 broke the world 750 km speed triangle record in 1985 and other ASW 22s have won first place in six World Gliding Championships.

The two-seat Schleicher ASH25 uses the same wing with a two-seat fuselage.


  • ASW 22 - Open Class high-performance sailplane; 22 or 24 metre span
  • ASW 22M - First motorised version with 22/24 m span, Rotax 505A engine
  • ASW 22B - Span increased to 25 m
  • ASW 22BL - Fitted with 26.4 m tips
  • ASW 22BE, BLE - self-launching versions with 49 hp Rotax 505A engine
  • ASW 22BLE 50R - self-launching version with 50 hp rotary engine


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