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Schleicher ASH 30

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Schleicher ASH 30
Type designation ASH 30
Competition class Open
Number built -
Crew 2
Length ?
Height ?
Cockpit width ?
Cockpit height ?
Wingspan ?
Wing area ?
Aspect ratio ?
Wing profile: ?
Empty mass ?
Water ballast ?
Maximum mass 850 kg
Minimum wing loading ?
Maximum wing loading ?
Maximum speed ?
Stall speed ?
Minimum sink rate ?
Best glide ratio ?
Roll rate ?
Engine type Diamond (Wankel rotary)
Power ?

The ASH 30 is a two-seater Open Class glider manufactured by Alexander Schleicher, developed as replacement for ASH 25H. The Mi version will motorised with the 41kW (56hp) rotary Diamond Wankel engine, but an unpowered version will also be available. The prototype has yet to fly but Schleicher are now accepting orders.

The improvements over the ASH25 are given as:

  • a larger span
  • a maximum take-off weight of 850 kg for the Mi version
  • automatic control surface connections for the entire aircraft
  • enlarged cockpits
  • larger canopies to improve visibility and to allow easier entry and exit for the rear pilot


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