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Schleicher ASH 26

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Schleicher ASH 26
Type designation ASH 26
Competition class 18 metre
Number built 234
Crew 1
Length 7.05 m
Height 1.51 m
Cockpit width 0.64 m
Cockpit height 0.82 m
Wingspan 18 m
Wing area 11.68 m²
Aspect ratio 27.74
Wing profile DU 89-134/14
Empty mass 270 kg/
360 kg (E)
Water ballast 155 kg/
110 kg(E)
Maximum mass 525 kg
Wing loading 30 – 45.0 kg/m²
37 – 45.0 kg/m²(E)
Maximum speed 270 km/h
Rough air speed
Stall speed 65.5 km/h
71 km/h(E)
Minimum sink rate 0.44 m/s 0.48 m/s(E)
Best glide ratio 50 @ 88 km/h
50 @ 96 km/h(E)
Engine power 50 hp

The ASH 26 is a 18 metre Class glider built of modern fibre reinforced composites. It is manufactured by Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co. The 'H' indicates this is a design of Martin Heide.

The ASH 26 has plain flaps, a retractable undercarriage and a water ballast system. The structure is a complex composite of carbon, aramid and polyethylene fibre reinforced plastic. The wings have pneumatic turbulators. Of the ASH26s sold, over 90% are the self-launching version, the ASH 26E. The engine fitted is a liquid cooled Diamond AE50R Wankel rotary.



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