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Preiss RHJ-9

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Preiss RHJ-9
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Type designation RHJ-9
Designer Henry Preiss / Richard Schreder
Competition class Not applicable
Crew 2
Length 22.8 ft (6.95 m)
Cockpit width
Cockpit height
Wingspan 60 ft (18.29 m)
Wing area 154.8 ft² (14.38 m²)
Aspect ratio 23.2
Wing profile Wortmann FX 63-K-318
Empty mass ca. 670 lb (304 kg)
Maximum mass 1100 lb (500 kg)
Wing loading 6.94 lb/ft² (34.77 kg/m²)
Maximum speed 110 knots (204 km/h)
Maneuver speed 90 knots (167 km/h)
Speed in strong turbulence 90 knots (167 km/h)
Minimum sink rate ca. 140 ft/min (0.7 m/s)
Best glide ratio ca. 38

The Preiss RHJ-9 is a further evolution of the RHJ-7 and RHJ-8 side-by-side two-seat flapped homebuilt gliders. The wingspan was further increased to 18.29 m and the maximum mass was raised to 500 kg. A wing construction similar to that of the later HP-18 was adopted employing foam ribs bonded to the aluminum spars and skins. It first flew in 1978.