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Philip G. Johnson

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Philip G. Johnson (November 5, 1894-September 14, 1944) was an American executive, president of Boeing.

Trained as an engineer, Johnson started working for Boeing in 1917. He was named president in 1926. Afterwards, he headed United Airlines and, later, its whole aeronautical conglomerate, United Aircraft and Transport Corporation. In the aftermath of the Air Mail Scandal of 1934, he was officially banned from the industry for several years, along with many other air executives. Johnson chose to leave the country. In 1937 he collaborated to launch Trans-Canada Airlines as VP of Operations.

In 1939 he returned to Boeing as president, focusing on the war production required by World War II. He died of cerebral hemorrhage.

Concurrently, Johnson served as president of truck manufacturer Kenworth from 1937 until his death.

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