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PZL Bielsko SZD-45

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Ogar at egtp.JPG
Type designation SZD-45A
SZD-45-2 "Ogar F"
Competition class Two Seater
Number built 65
Crew 2
Length 7.95 m
Height 1.51 m
Wingspan 17.6 m
Wing area 19,10 m²
Aspect ratio 16.2
Empty mass ca. 470 kg
Maximum mass 700 kg
Wing loading ca. 36,6 kg/m²
Maximum speed 225 km/h
Speed in rough air 165 km/h (89 kts)
Stall speed 78 km/h 42 KTS)
Minimum sink rate ca. 1.10 m/s with 85 km/h
Engine Limbach SL-1700EC
68 HP

The SZD-45 Ogar is a T-tailed cantilever high wing monoplane of wooden, aluminium and fibreglass construction designed in Poland. The prototype of this self-launching motorglider SP-0001 first flew on the 29th May 1973. soaring capability and staggered side-by-side two-place seating. There were 64 examples constructed excluding the prototype with 41 of these being exported.

It has a Hoffmann twin-bladed pusher propeller. The landing gear is semi-retractable. The U.S. import is powered with the dual ignition, turbocharged, Revmaster engine. The "Ogar" is certified for simple aerobatics