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Lancair Propjet

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The Lancair Propjet is a four-seat, pressurized, composite aircraft powered by a 750-hp Walter 601E turboprop engine. The aircraft is based on Lancair's successful kit-plane, the Lancair IV. Like its piston-powered predecessor, the Propjet is known for its incredible performance, with a typical cruise speed of 325 knots at 24,000 feet and a climb performance of 4,000 feet-per-minute (or greater) all the way up to flight level (18,000 feet) altitudes.

Information on the Propjet from Lancair


Cruise: 370 mph (325 knots) @ 24,000 feet (typical)
Stall Speed VsO: 74 mph (dirty)
Takeoff Roll: 1,200 feet (gross @ sea level)
Landing Roll: 1,400 feet
Cross Wind Landing: 21 mph component
Fuel Consumption: 33 gph (330 h.p. 0.67 Sfc)
Maximum Range: 1,400 statute miles (1,216 nautical miles) with reserves
Rate of Climb: 7,000 feet per minute (solo); 4,000 feet per minute (gross)
Wing Loading: 39 lbs. / sq. ft.
G Loading: +3.8, -1.9 ‘Gs’ (normal)
Power Loading: 5.1 lbs. / hp


Engine: Walter 601E-11 Turbine
Horsepower: 750hp @ sea level
Propeller: 3 blade, constant speed
Length: 26 feet
Wingspan: 30.2 feet
Wing Area: 98 square feet
Aspect Ratio: 9:1
Empty Weight: 2,300 pounds
Gross Weight: 3,800 pounds
Fuel Capacity: 125 gallons (standard); 145 gallons (extended)
Useful Load: 1,500 pounds
Baggage Capacity: 150 pounds
Seats: 4
Seat Width: 46 inches (front); 43 inches (rear)
Height: 48 inches

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